Saturday, January 31, 2009

Barack Obama

This past Tuesday I went to Washington DC for the inauguration. I was down there for two days. It was just an amazing experience to say the least. I had the privilege of witnessing history and more importantly being part of it. I want to share my experience and what I felt while I was down there.

Today was nothing but miraculous! A few of my friends and I stood out in the cold on the National Mall for about seven hours just to hear Barack Obama speak. We distributed Obama post cards, conducted interviews, and even went as far as to innovate Obama dances (dont ask) lol. This monumental event meant so many things not just to me but to evwrybody. The event is significant because of the international impact it has. The global view of the US has improved dramatically. I met a person from Ghana by way of Germany, along with Londoners, Grenadans, and Norwegians, that came to see Obama get inaugurated. Nowhere in the world or at any point in history has an election generated so much attention, unity, excitement and craze. Everybody was enthused and the camaraderie among people of all different ages, races, and ethnicities left me dumfounded. I honestly did not believe I was standing there, it was surreal. It seemed as if I was watching a live tape of the events of inauguration day.
I met a Ghanian woman and she told me that having a person of color in the oval office meant a lot to her. She was living in the US for a number of years up until the war in Iraq had started but she was unable to stomach the Bush administration. Then she moved to London where she encountered racism and she got tired of London so now she plans on moving back to the United States somewhere in the near future. Everybody hated Americans for the past 8 years. If you went abroad you were bashed. People mistakenly tried to identify American people with the administration. Although most people disagreed with what was going on in Washington, Bush's policies tarnished the image of America and unfortunately Americans everywhere. The whole world believed that the Bush administration made ill advised decisions with respect to foreign relations. But now the rest of the world is hopeful and are starting to have more positive views about America.

I met a white five-year old girl today. She ran up to me and said "Obama is the new president of the United States". It was a defining moment for me because it was a sign of how far we have come as a country in respect to racial relations. It means a lot to me as a person color. It means that despite the color of my skin the obstacles I may encounter can be overcome and the unachievable is now achievable. We must stop victimizing ourselves and feeling sorry for ourselves and just go for the Gold. I know it is easier said than done but IT CAN BE DONE. On a more somber note the prodigous legacy of the Unites States has been humbled especially since the ongoing economic downturn. Obama embodies that humility in another light. He is using his humilty and empathy to embrace the rainbow of nations and form a worldwide unilateral coalition. He has not only restored the American people's confidence in their government and politics but the whole world's confidence. People in Germany, London, and parts of Africa had their own celebration for Obama's inauguration which is unprecedented for any event in history. Obama said yes we can; now its YES WE DID! The first black president of the United States provides hope for people of color, especially those who live in urban areas and are devoid of resources, opportunities, and/or support. He also provides hope for the lower middle class and the people who are suffering due to the economic and political status quo.

Obama's inauguration signifies a human revolution and foreshadows the changes that are to come for the better. The changes will occur incrementally but Obama becoming the new president is a huge first step. It is astonishing that somebody who has slave blood is now the president of the United States and virtually the leader of the world. It will be a tough journey but the challenges that Obama will face as the first person of color in office will be superseded. This also means that the war on racism and discrimination has made significant progress and will continue to do so, God willing. I feel motivated, more now than ever, to pursue my dreams and accomplish my goals at any cost. Hopefully the atrocities that are committed around the world because of the American government will be dramatically reduced if not become obsolete during the Obama presidency. I am sure that the economy, health care, and other social issues will be ameliorated during Barack Obama 's time in office. He is one inspirational individual. Barack Obama is arguably the biggest celebrity to ever live.


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  1. As much as I love Obama and everything he stands for for me as a black man in America, I know that America is still racist as hell, and color lines still divide. Hopefully we can get more minorities in executive positions, like joint chiefs of staff, etc..., in heavier numbers, so they can make positive changes (hopefully, you never know people's real agendas).

    I saw another post online that said Obama is nothing more than any other imperial American president who will continue to support Israel (thereby supporting the Gaza atrocities), and continue America's other greedy capitalistic pursuits elsewhere in the world. He already said he's going to send mad troops into Afghanistan and Pakistan. Hopefully we don't start a war with Pakistan next.

    I'm glad he's shutting Guantanemo down. He's making some progressive changes. Better than Bush, that's for damn sure.