Sunday, April 26, 2009


What is intuition and who has it? How can you attain it or seek it if you don't have it? This is a burning question I have had for a while. Is intuition some kind of unforeseen secret that remains to be unraveled. Is it some kind of innate quality that only a chosen few have? Or is it something that everybody possesses but only certain people take the necessary time out to tap into this powerful force. Intuition is a treasure chest that can be unlocked. Of course you need the right combination or code in order to unlock it. But when you do the world as we know it is at your feet.

Intuition can be used in many aspects of your everyday life. I think it would be the most useful in decision making. You can utilize your intuition to guide you in the right direction and bring you closer to your goals in life. Intuition can help you defeat the odds and overcome any challenges that you may encounter in life. It can elevate your well being and broaden your horizons as well.

If you ask me everybody has intuition. Intuition is the voice inside your head that discerns whether something feels right or not. It is like a sixth sense that foresees the outcome of any situation and helps you judge any situation properly. Intuition is a special attribute that can also help you read people really well. You will be able to distinguish the people who have good intentions and those who have bad intentions. It can also serve as your personal advisor if you are having a dilemma in life. I believe that it is the most potent in situations that require split second decision making. It is analagous to a spider sense that provides admonishment and allows you to sense danger when its near. It may also predict when good things will happen.

Again I will reiterate I feel as if EVERYBODY has intuition. For some people it may be stronger than others and certain people may exercise it more often than others. Despite the fact that some people may choose to use it for malicious reasons or exclusively for self gains I think it still belongs to everybody. Intuition is a divine gift that you must firstly believe in before you actually unlock its secrets. Once you discover the immense power that harnessing your intuition can provide for your growth and life journey you will be one special person!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Music harnesses the unique ability of humanizing the human experience. It transcends any socioeconomic, cultural, racial, mental, emotional, physiological, or religious barrier. Music characterizes reality and helps people channel their own emotions, it helps embody any type of experience that any one us may have. It is also easily accessible to most of the public. Especially since mass media has expanded over the last 50 years and also since the advent of the the internet people can listen to all types of music. You can choose to listen to any type of music of your liking depending on your preference of genre. When people have nothing to relate to, and nobody to speak to, the music speaks for them and helps make their experience seem important enough for the masses to listen to. But what most people don't realize is that there are many people who are out there sharing that same experience who we might not get to meet face to face but the music allows us to make that intimate connection. This is the single most luminous aspect that music has to offer. It also helps personalize any intimate events that a person might not feel comfortable sharing with anybody else. Music pluralizes any humanistic dimension that otherwise might be seen as individualistic.

The other aspect of music that makes it so popular is a pseudo reality. It can materialize what otherwise maybe fantasy. For example the song "My life is entertainment" by TI talks about the glitz and the glamor of being a musician and other songs such as "Torre De babel" by Wisin y Yandel that takes you halfway across the globe to explore an unknown land. There are many pop songs that depict this pseudo reality where everything is fun, life is a paradise, and that our journey on this earth is worriless and care free. Kanye's album graduation is an album that perfectly characterizes that feel good pseudo reality type of music.

But is being a famous musician all it is cracked up to be??? Think about it. We've already discussed the facet of the pseudo reality of music but on the flip side lies the realism. Music also portrays the realism of the artists' experience. They show us the good and the bad, the right and the wrong, the pretty and the ugly. The music provides an outlet for artists to speak about their lives and get personal. To get intimate with the listener and expose their deepest insecurities! I believe this type of music evokes the most emotion because we can see how human and fallible a famous artist can be; they show us that they are not at all invincible. These types of artist generate the most diverse and broadest fan bases and also have the most mass appeal because so many people can relate to their message. The stark realism of any situation cultivates a following like no other theme. In the song El cantante Puerto Rican singer Hector Lavoe speaks on his struggles of being a famous salsa singer. In the song he sings about how he is rich and famous and that people pay to hear him sing nevertheless in that dark corner after his show he is an ordinary guy who has trials and tribulations and has happy and sad moments just like each and every one of us. Joe Buddens is one of my favorite artists whose subject material includes anecdotal accounts about how he overcame depression and how he once was borderline suicidal in the midst of battling other demons. He also speaks on his interactions with females and the turmoil in his life. Most people can relate to this type of music and can have respect for it. "Everything that glitters ain't gold". It couldn't be more true in show biz. Many people yearn to be famous and fall into the deceptive trap of wanting to live a glamorized lifestyle. But they have no idea what it takes to keep your sanity and to thwart the criticism and tolerate the press and to be scrutinized each and every moment of your life. You are constantly under supervision, from the time you leave your house to when you enter a bathroom!

Music also provides a safe space. It is nonjudmental, does not criticize you, and makes you feel perfectly normal despite your flaws or idiosyncrasies. What I mean by this is that when artists speak on a certain issue that is important to you or his/her lyrics are related to a secret that only your family and friends may know about or that only you may know about. Lets say an artist has a song about child abuse and somebody has experienced that in the past, this helps the listener overcome that situation and feel understood. When it comes down to it most relationships are built on the concept of being understood. So music's most powerful unifying factor is that most people that listen to a certain genre or artist all understand each other. They gravitate to music that resembles them in some sort of way, usually the similarities are not superficial such as he drives the car that I drive or he is Asian just like me. The semblances tend to be deeper like we share the same strengths and flaws, we have a similar upbringing, or I experienced the same tragedy in my past. This leads people to respect each other and where they came from.

Music can also be very dualistic in the sense that it has two polar opposite facades. It can either be very empowering or very detrimental. It can be used to kill or to procreate. Most people that listen to music use it lift their spirits and have good intentions but there is that small group of people that use music for the darkest of reasons. Music also has different effects on people. Other people use music to channel their different emotions. Some people may use music when they are angry to evacuate all the anger. Some people may use certain types of music to motivate them, other people may utilize music as a form of relaxation or to make them happier. It can destroy or cultivate, inspire or discourage. Music also conceptualizes your successes as well as your failures. Like everything in life music needs to maintain its ying and yang in order to be functional but I strongly believe that it has more positive uses in the world than negative.

Apart from the pseudo realities and realities music is UNIVERSAL. Music is life; a compilation of all the experiences, sounds, visions, and lessons that make us who we are. Music universally humanizes the all too real human experience. Music is the center of our galaxy that revolutionizes all dimensions!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hard Times

At times it gets frustrating, you put sooooooo much in but get little out. Invest your soul and only get a remnant of your flesh back. Yeah it is my life that I speak of and struggles that I experienced. I question myself is my purpose in life as evident and as definitive as I think it is or is it just a fiction of my imagination. Being dedicated day in and day out is an arduous task when you do not reap the results you want. Your expectations are high but the outcome is dismal. Maybe other people do work harder maybe I am the hardest working person, either alternative is a plausible hypothesis. Maybe a self evaluation will do the trick. Who knows even that may not lead to a satisfying answer.

I try my best though, I honestly for me to not perform is an attack on my personal character, it is also an assassination attempt on my work ethic. I invest my sweat, blood, and tears in order to reach that distant goal but nothing comes of it. I devote my time and energy but little if any of the desired outcome is produced. That leads to my next point maybe I am not supposed to do well on a certain test or in a certain field because my Creator has a bigger plan in store for me that I do not know of. The mysteries of life are revealed at times when we least expect it. That is why life itself is an enigmatic journey where we learn to be very cognizant of signs that point us in the right direction. It is by God's providence that I am where I am today and have the blessed opportunity and privilege of giving back to the community that gave me so much.

Life throws these curve balls at us but it is up to us to react in the best way possible. It is a testament to our character if we are resilient in the midst of stark opposition and grueling hardships or if we just languish in the shadows and yield to the opposition. I must remain strong and I must strive to find the positive in every negative or unfavorable situation. It is hard to achieve your goals when anything and everything is not working your way, but we need hope and faith to go the distance. Most of all if we are going to complete our mission in life we need to dig for that inner strength that defines us and also be guided by the divine inspiration inspires us!