Saturday, October 31, 2009

Introvert vs Extrovert

My definition of an introvert is somebody who is shy while keeping their expression, emotions, and thoughts to themselves as well as somebody who maintains an intimate identity. On the other hand an extrovert is an individual who is outgoing, expresses their emotions outwardly, and makes their identity known. Each type of personality has its advantages and disadvantages.

An extrovert is often considered to be the better personality type. Which can be true or false depending on the scenario or situation. It is only the better personality type in a certain kind of setting like a networking event. One of the advantages of being an extrovert is that you will always have acquaintances as society has a strong affinity towards extroverted people. In addition when you are going through struggles in your own life it will be detected easily which allows you to find emotional support easier. As an extrovert your social skills can take you far in life and ultimately lead to your success. I consider myself to be an extrovert and can say that the down side to being an extrovert is that I have more of a tendency to build weak ties with others. To elaborate on this theory, an extrovert meets so many people it becomes challenging to build strong bonds with another person. Another disadvantage is that we are so preoccupied with expressing who we are that we do not observe the world around us.

An introvert is a very delicate individual who lives a very private and closed life, confined to their own intimate world. These individuals have certain advantages. One advantage is that they are usually very perceptive and intuitive. These unique traits allow them to easily distinguish changes in certain people's personalities. In addition they can use their intuition to read people and what they are about. Since they are quiet most of the time they listen more meticulously than the average person which enables them to have a deeper understanding of people in general. In this very complex society an introvert is also very cognizant of the world surrounding them which is critical for survival. Another benefit for introverts is that they are more prone to build strong relationships with people since they usually have few close friends which tend to be their real ones. On the contrary, one disadvantage is that they may have internal problems that they struggle with but they are reticent to express themselves openly. This can lead to further psychological problems and ultimately lead them not to seek help. This trait of shyness can also hinder personal success as they may be to apprehensive in approaching people for a job or possible internship opportunity. Furthermore their social network may be more limited than other people. There is a certain paradox to introverts, while they generate strong bonds with people they also tend to keep their distance and remain detached.

Who knows why people are born into certain personality types, or maybe nurtured to become certain personality types. However, I do know that each personality type makes a positive contribution to society. Extrovert is the ying to the introvert's yang. This healthy balance makes the world a better place.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Socio-economic segregation vs Racial segregation

For those that may not know me I am fascinated by race, culture, and social class. That being said this weekend I was in Philadelphia this weekend visiting my little brother and on Saturday morning my mom, sister, brother and I and went to IHOP. While at Ihop I saw some white workers and black workers which were from the surrounding area (inner city Philadelphia). Then I compared their working environment to a typical fast food restaurant in New York City. Throughout the city there is a myriad of mcdonalds, Ihops, and kfcs. The only difference is that in New york City the greater majority of the workers are either Black or Latino with the white workers being close to none.

A new part of my consciousness was awakened when I became cognizant of that fact. In Philadelphia there is more of a class distinction rather than an ethnic or racial distinction in the living and working areas. In Philadelphia there is an amalgamation of the black and white community based on socio-economic backgrounds. The lower middle class and lower class lives in the same areas while the upper class and affluent families live in another area regardless of their race. This is why I call Philadelphia economic segregation.

On the other hand in New York City there is a more apparent ethnic distinction in residential areas with varying social classes. In New York City most Dominicans live in a highly concentrated areas such as Washington Heights and the Grand Concourse in the Bronx. Just like the Russians who dominate Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn and Albanians who are a densely populated in Pelham Parkway in the Bronx. Despite the difference in economic standing, rich and poor people live in the same areas jsut as long as they share the same race or ethnicity.

In addition The major difference that is seen between New York City and other metropolitan areas is that New York is a melting pot that doesn't mix. What I mean by that is that there is limited cross-cultural and cross-ethnic interaction. Everybody stays with their "own kind" and refuses to expand their horizons and get out of their comfort zones. While it would be an anomaly to find a white female who works at McDonald's in Manhattan it is highly likely to find a white female who works at McDonald's in Philadelphia. New york is one of the most integrated cities with segregated populations. Think about the irony here.

Control of our own destinies.

When it comes down to it whether we take control of our own destinies depends on whether we let the world around us define who we are or whether we define the world around us. I was helping my dad rummage the garage for some tools at around 1 am when I saw some adolescents outside late at night just idling. At that point I asked myself why are these kids out late at night engaging in non-productive behaviors? Then I had an epiphany I thought they have no vision and are living for today not worrying for tomorrow. At the same token a young lady who was raised in the South Bronx became a supreme court justice, how can two people from similar backgrounds raised in the same communities turn out so differently.

The single greatest factor that contributes to our own success is our personal drive. The defining factor is not race, social class, area of residence, schools attended, or resources. While these factors can bring about success they are not the reason why people are successful. What distinguishes successful people from unsuccessful people is motivation and vision or lack there of.

Our backgrounds may be tumultuous and our living conditions harsh but if we believe in ourselves, seek that power, and envision a better future there is no mountain we can't climb. These characteristics will help us defeat the odds. Many adolescents from poor urban communities cease to pursue their education and find themselves dead, in jail, or on the streets while people from rich suburbs who are misled often get involved heavily into drugs and may have other issues that prevent them from becoming successful. Two different socio-economic backgrounds have the potential for the same outcomes: no success.

I can speak from an urban youth perspective and say that there are many factors in an urban environment that can discourage you from having goals and achieving them especially academic goals. Drugs, violence, crime, and single mother households are all negative factors that can debilitate one's sense of hope and vision. But the special individual who is capable of looking beyond her/his circumstances to see themselves in a better place can achieve tremendous deeds. If only we could all discover the SECRET POWER within ourselves, we would all be successful.



Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Power of the Mind

Have you ever wondered what the actual metaphysical capabilities of the mid are? did you ever think about somebody and that person has called you? Did you ever envision yourself accomplishing a goal and it has actually happened? These are all concrete examples of the extraordinary capabilities that our minds possess. Through strong intentions, spiritual energy and positive thinking our thoughts can be manifested in reality.

The mind is an element that has befuddled mankind for ages. The mystery of the mind is elusive. While many people have attempted to unlock the secrets of the mind and failed others continue to try to crack the code. There are some individuals who are oblivious to the mind's capacities while others are aware of the capacities but undermine them. There is another population that has heard of the mind's capabilities but are still doubtful.

The power of the mind is infinite. Our minds may even be able to achieve psychokinetic capabilities. Through shared spirituality we can literally read somebody else's mind. This ability may allow us to discover their inner most thoughts and desires. In the book I am reading "Reinventing Medicine" the author explores the concept of the nonlocal mind. The nonlocal mind is described as the mind functioning beyond the boundaries of the body. It also speaks on the mind serving as liaison for different individuals through spirituality. A concrete example of this is praying for a person who is ill and their recuperation process being quicker than the person with the same illness who was not prayed for.

My firm convictions about the untapped potential of the human mind has convinced me that it has capabilities that man cannot fathom. These capabilities may be as extraordinary as time travel or telekinesis. Our mind can also serve as a foreboding tool by sensing danger. So in essence our mind can predict the future; this is amazing.

One of the most well know facets of the mind is that you can attract positive or negative energy. If you can anticipate that bad things will happen on a regular basis then these things will come true. On the contrary if your mind is saturated with good thoughts then an auspicious future awaits you.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fear of letting other people get to close

Why does mankind approach intimacy with such trepidation? Shortening our gaps of unfamiliarity should be conducive to the survival of mankind. Most people have their reservations with becoming to close to a person. The reservations may emanate from their fear of rejection and fear of letting other people see them at their most vulnerable points.

While people view vulnerability as a precarious situation others may view it as an opportunity for growth. I believe that at our times of vulnerability we are the most alive. By alive I mean a state of existence where we permit the world to view us as we truly are with all our flaws and insecurities. In addition most individuals rather not foster intimate relationships because they fear being judged or suffering psychological and emotional damage. The underlying reasons for these anxieties may vary. The intentions for impeding the formation of a strong bond may be to protect your ego and/or preserve your pride.

What this boils down to is one rudimentary concept. The concept is viewing the relationship with only self interest and failing to take the other party into consideration. This may sound counter intuitive but let’s briefly analyze this theory from a third person perspective. Why would you deprive somebody else of your beauty and gifts? Running the risk of being betrayed or others seeing you at your darkest hour is worth it because increases our possibilities for a beautiful union. Taking a risk and allowing people to see inside the windows of your soul reveals your true character and is a sign of sincere bravado.

There are times when we must step outside our comfort zone and venture the world of the unknown. Although we may not feel safe exploring the unwarranted territories as we initiate every new human relationship we give ourselves a chance to reach a deeper level of understanding and a higher state of consciousness. Through our relationships we learn so much about ourselves and the other individual. However our potential for growth is maximized exponentially by eliminating any restrictions we may have regarding the relationship. Having restrictions with relationships not only prohibits the relationship's growth but each individual’s growth as well. Ultimately this may lead to the squandering of a unique opportunity to form an incredible bond with another human being. This person may be your future soul mate or lifelong friend. Shall we eradicate all barriers!