Monday, September 21, 2009


In our paths to self discovery we can become easily polluted by the world's expectations. In addition, there lies a possibility that we can become confined to society's norms while inhibiting our growth. Why must we succumb to others' desires? Our fate shouldn't be determined by others' perceptions. If we let our fate be determined by the world's views our identity may be compromised.

One of the plagues of the human existence is striving to fit in rather than just being ourselves. I wonder why we try so hard to fit in? Is it because we fear rejection, marginalization, and /or judgment if we don't mimic everybody else's actions? Anybody who deviates from the norm is an anomaly, more importantly he/she is a leader. These unique individuals could care less about what other people think or say about them. This is the best way to live because your decisions are entirely autonomous and are not determined by what other people may think.

Falling into the status quo perpetuates the norm. It is easier to follow somebody else's path rather than create your own. I also believe that emulating other people's actions is easier than just acting out of your own volition. Being different and being the odd ball out is quite difficult. It is natural to feel uncomfortable when we deviate from the norm. Social psychology teaches us that when somebody exhibits a certain behavior we are more prone to behave the same way.

It is difficult to find somebody who deviates from the norm whether it be regarding fashion, religion, or social activities. Everybody wants to stay in the comfort zone and please everybody else rather than pleasing their self. As a result the human population becomes increasingly homogeneous. Furthermore we are not able to think for ourselves anymore but rather let other people invade our thought process. How many times a day do we question our actions by thinking "what will they think of me" or "will they call me weird or crazy"?

The solution to falling into the status quo is liberating yourself from external views. Do not let the world define who you are. You define who you are. In your quest to self discovery you must rely on your inner wisdom and flourish from your own understanding. Your insight will allow you to establish your identity and show the world who you truly are! For example the kid who is genetically white but they call him black and discriminate against him will most likely identify as black even if he did not before. Our views about ourselves are deeply imposed upon by the world's perception of us! What the world thinks will eventually determine how we view ourselves!

It feels good to find your soul. Even though you may do whats convenient for you and the right thing to do you may receive opposition. Whoever does anything the right way will receive feelings of jealousy and hate. When you soul search and decide to make changes in your life that will allow you to grow you have to realize that you may lose friends. It is a desecration to the body, mind, and soul (that the creator gave us) if we choose to listen to our peers and ignore our destiny.
May your soul truly be liberated and identity maintained!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Present, past, and the future

I am fascinated by three different chronological stratospheres: The past the present and the future. Although I strive to maximize my potential in the present, I also prepare for the future and learn from the past. Reflection on all three chronological states allows me to analyze my life.

Future: Sometimes I ask God for the power, strength, and the wisdom to help me foresee the problems in the future so that I can avoid them. But even with the wisdom that has been bestowed upon me I fall in the same pitfalls! I see certain problems being foreshadowed but refuse to take heed of the higher power's advice and my own intuition. My fascination with the future emanates from my belief that the future is promising and that a brighter day awaits me. Also the present becomes boring at times so I am preoccupied with the events that will happen rather than the events that are happening. At times I reside in the future and ignore the happenings that take place in the present. In order to view the future I must have faith in things unseen.

Past: I see the past as the experiences that have made me as a person which is why the past is so precious. I also enjoy reflecting on the past because I am able to reminisce on certain events that brought joy to my life, along with every occasion that was fun. In addition the past gives me perspective on the present and how to change my actions to obtain more desirable results. The past has inspired me to revisit the positive events but reminded me of my trials and tribulations. At times I glamorize the past and focus on how much attention I used to receive. It is a significant symbol of the evolution in this journey we call life. Sometimes I may dwell on the past and forget to live my life in the present. The only baggage I withhold from the past are regrets and grudges. This state of time gives me the insight, intuition, wisdom, and hope to make the present better.

Present: The present is enigmatic, I haven't quite figured it out yet. I have the least love for this chronological stratosphere. I don't find it enticing nor attractive. I think "living in the present" is the most overused cliche. I find nothing mystical about the present, however, it is complex. The things that are happening now may be hard to explain but with a deeper understanding of the future and the past we are able to realize the power in the present and its important role in our lives. Furthermore, events in our lives elapse right before our very eyes and the present rapidly changes into the past. The present has its advantages which allow you to make the necessary adjustments you may need in order to grow. I like the present because I can accomplish anything that is being thrown at me! Concludingly the present I do not favor but I do agree that THERE IS NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Exceptional Social Beings

Have you ever wondered how certain individuals have the exceptional ability to interact with anybody at any given moment? These people can be deemed social dynamos and have the extraordinary potential to connect with people from varying backgrounds. These individuals may also be referred to as "mavens" or connectors (a term used in Malcolm Gladwell's book The Tipping Point). Is this an innate characteristic or is it learned from our surroundings?

The individuals called connectors can adapt to any social environment and feel comfortable. They possess the unique trait of connecting with people regardless of their race, age, social class, gender and/or sexual orientation. Mavens are extraordinary people who have the tendency of merging social circles.

By merging these social circles, the mavens interlink different cliques. The phenomenon cultivates a fusion of various enclaves. Mavens play a pivotal role in the world; they unite individuals who may never have met each other if it was not for the mavens. By facilitating these connections they create a more diverse world. When I say diverse I don't mean a world of various ethnicities but rather a world that allows the individuals to interact and understand each other. Generating these inter-clique interactions allows people to be more cultured and see the world through a broader perspective.