Monday, March 19, 2012

Jesus 2

Righteousness is how Jesus transforms us. When we become righteous there is a transformation that occurs from the inside out. Your heart melts, especially when you see unbelievers and people who are lost. The symptoms are clear to others and are beneficial to those around you. One of the very first symptoms is very simple but powerful: being different. People will notice there is something different about you and you will begin to manifest a certain glow. Another sign which the world actually heavily desires is confidence: true confidence. Knowing that the Almighty is on your side comes with a true measure of confidence and boldness. Unlike the world a believer's confidence is in God and not ourselves (the flesh). The confidence in the Lord is the only confidence that shouldn't belittle people. Along with confidence should come humility which signifies that we are beneath God and nothing without Him. Another symptom of being Saved is having clarity in your life. I knew when I wasn't saved it may have seemed like I knew where I was going but I was lost. I had no direction and couldn't see past the nebulous future and dark clouds. Another sign is putting other people before yourself. When you deny yourself and submit to God's will it will become very obvious in terms of how selfless your behavior is: tutoring people who need it, staying up late to help a friend study for a test, and helping people move. All these things were sacrificial where I had to give up my comfort to do what God has called me to do!

The ability to change your character has to be Jesus (it is so powerful). I don't understand how it happens but it is supernatural: you begin to do things you never did before: feeding the homeless, speaking to drug addicts, giving your last dollar to the poor, and tutoring people for free etc. You have a burden for the Lost and broken. Your heart begins to cry out for the outcasts, the ones nobody wants to interact with. Then a supernatural peace sets in. Also your lifestyle changes. The trails and things that affected you, don't affect you right now. Also your lifestyle changes: the things you viewed as significant and valuable are no longer valuable. The things of this world are no longer valuable, they don't matter as much. The emptiness in your heart is no longer fulfilled by the new girlfriend, or alcohol/drug abuse or poker addiction. As a person that is saved there is a strong desire to worship and seek the Lord at all costs.

You display an earnest cry to the Lord and ask Him to use you for His glory and Kingdom. The Lord gives you the ability to stand before Him with boldness and present every petition and cast down every burden at his feet. In addition we will have power and supernatural ability to conquer sin. Before we weren't able to give up premarital sex but now we are fully capable: because the Holy Spirit which is promised . Furthermore the Lord is able to deliver you out of any dangerous situation, whether it be a train wreck, gang fight, or being surrounded by wild animals. He will answer prayers that weren't answered before. Hurdles that once seemed insurmountable they are now able to overcome. The ability to focus on the Lord and not get distracted is another sign. One of the most amazing things about being saved is the power to forgive. Many people walk around with bitterness and strife from previous wounds because of the deep level of unforgiveness that has taken root in their hearts. The ability to do this is done through the power of the Holy Ghost. Allellulia. Patience, gentleness, faith, goodness, joy, peace, longsuffering, meekness, and temperance are all other signs of righteousness and also fruit of the Spirit. Jesus says you will know the by their fruit (disciples).He was saying that a Christian has fruit of the Spirit.

Love is the most important fruit. He also said by this will ye know that ye are my disciples, by their love. Not only the love that we have in the Body of Christ but for nonbelievers and others we don't know. John 8:32 Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. We are new creatures in Christ and because Jesus died was buried and rose again, our sins are forgiven and we can have a relationship with God, enter the Holies of Holies, and worship and meet God in a powerful way. Also we have eternal life so after our physical death we can live in heaven for eternity and worship around the clock. Apart from all this we have the very special opportunity to impact the world around us, touch lives, transform souls, restore dead dreams, inspire, heal emotional scars and wounds on people's hearts through Jesus and finally change our generation and win it for Christ.


I was at a Christian Concert Friday night. Yes, a Christian Concert, I never thought I would actually say that but I've been born again (Saved) or Christian whichever one you would like to choose for about a 1.5 years and I've seen live bands at conferences and other people minister (showcase craft for the glory of for God) in music. However, I've never been to a Christian concert and it was amazing. The atmosphere was filled with the presence of God. Also the Music artists ministered with such humility it was amazing. The Band's name is Casting Crowns and their name I believe comes from the Bible where you will cast crowns before Jesus' feet: different crowns (salvation, souls, life, victory).

Their songs address the deeper issues of the heart: Jesus Friend of Sinner and Already There. Rather than speaking about the superficial needs and materialistic desires they speak about the true problems in life. Not only do they speak about the problems but they also speak about the solution. The solution can only be one thing: His Name is Jesus. All you have to do is be humble and ask Him to come in and He will enter your heart and change you from the inside out. When you have a real encounter with the Lord you will never be the same. The Lord will transform your heart and mind to be part of you. A verse in the Bible says a physician has only come for the sick (Matthew 9:12). Most standard medications only treat the symptoms rather than the actual disease. Well mankind has a disease and its name is sin. It has infected man down to the very core and although its our nascent state from birth until we get Saved the evil one (Devil) tries to deceive us into thinking its our permanent state. It is definitely not. The only cure for sin is Jesus and its mediated through salvation. Shattered homes, empty souls, broken hearts, sexual abuse, alcohol abuse, drug abuse teen pregnancy, gang violence, incarceration, and suicide have all plagued our generation. There are various societal factors that have contributed to these issues. However, the root and fundamental issue is SIN!

There are multiple signs of sin. Hating your brother, gossiping, and tearing your brother down is not godly! Holding a grudge or avoiding a person you were once friends with, feeling empty, insecure, guilty, or condemned, having an ego, thinking life revolves around you, being obsessively consumed (idolizing) by any one thing be it reading books or sniffing coke are signs. Looking at somebody else's girlfriend or wife, not caring about the needy or marginalized groups in society (poor, homeless, drug addicts, mentally ill, prisoners), enough rage to kill somebody, looking at horoscopes, lying to make yourself look better, burning passion to have sex outside of marriage are also symptoms. All these are very detrimental to your psyche and soul and provoke thoughts of strife, murder, lust greed, pride, adultery, jealousy. Not only are these thoughts and behaviors self destructive but they can hurt others around us they can ruin relationships and damage lives. The Only one that can heal the wounds in our heart and make us whole is Jesus.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Victory on the Outside

What does the word victory mean? A victory is a win! Have you ever seen somebody popular, successful, attractive, driven, sociable, loving, and caring. Does it ever seem like they have it altogether! These are the people that everybody admires. Most people would dream to be in their shoes. These individuals have attained the world's measure of success! However there is more to life! There are people that have all the material goods but are empty inside! The reason why is because all the things they have are temporary and will only lead to instant gratification or a momentary fulfillment. The Bible says in Matthew 16:26 "What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?

The individuals who glory in their worldly possessions will never be fulfilled because there is nothing real or eternal about worldly things and they will all eventually fail or evaporate. Putting our trust in worldly things and devoting our lives to idols that exalt themselves above God will ultimately lead to Ruin! 1 Tim 6:9 " But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. This is the epitome of a wealthy persons' life without Christ. Placing a high value on material possessions while finding your identity in those things will eventually lead to ruin. In addition it will cause somebody to be unstable. Instability can result from this. When the possessions define you the situation can be risky, such as the first car you were interested in but you decided not to buy it.

Where a mans's treasure is his heart is also. Whatever you devote your life to or give your heart to will control you. In Christ the Lord died on the Cross and it seemed like a total debacle. The Bible says: 2 Cor 8:9 "For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that you through his poverty might be rich." He made himself poor so that we could become rich. Now thats an amazing revelation. While He died on the cross, it seemed like a hopeless effort to help mankind's desperate condition. Jesus' death on the cross appeared far from victorious; how can one of the most tragic events in history be the most triumphant event in history! However he knew He was claiming the victory in the spiritual realm rather than the natural. This is why it seemed like a loss in the natural but a victory in the spiritual realm. What seemed like a loss on the cross was actually a victory because He overcame sin and death and He went to hell where defeated the Devil. Then He ascended and the prophecy came to pass.

Internal joy. peace and love. When you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you accept Him into your heart where he the Holy Spirit regenerates you and enables you to live without Sin. Three months after I got saved I went to a Christian conference for the youth and I saw God move in a mighty way! As a christian, once you receive Christ you have the victory through Him. Its amazing because we did not die on the Cross but we have the right, honor, and privilege to claim the victory! When you are born again happiness does not come from possessions, career, nor people. The joy we have is in Jesus is remarkable! If we see a homeless person on the street who gave his life to Jesus he is now richer than the billionaire who is sure to have life all figured out. That homeless person has the richness in Christ and is victorious. Meanwhile his economic and social circumstance seemed contrary to victory and it seemed like he lost. He is victorious because he accepted Christ and through Him he was able to claim the victory (over sin and death)and chains were broken. In addition, He was able to have peace joy and a Christ like love! These are all internal victories. Executives in fortune 500 companies experience high stress levels and some have miserable lives with an emptiness in their hearts, meanwhile lawyers and doctors may be depressed because of what they see in their line of work. The custodian may be the most likely to be the one who has it all together
in his soul. When you have gained the victory on the inside the external aspect of victory is not only less evident but less significant.

Alellullia because the Victory is won in our hearts because we accepted Christ who gave hisself on the Cross so we can be fulfilled for eternity. In addition He gave us Life through His words which also exposes another aspect of the victory. A victory makes you fulfilled. The Victory is not found in your present situation neither the item of clothing you just bought nor the school you went to. We are still more than conquerors through Jesus who loves us even when we are going through some trials. For example when I was unemployed I was still victorious and I still had it inside even though I appeared like a loser on the outside. The internal peace and victory was displaying itself. Jesus is the way to show that you can claim the victory without the external seeming pretty! The heart and the soul is much more important than the outward parts of a human being! Thank God for the internal victory we have in Him!

The Battle is already won which is why I am rich in Christ and victorious through him. The world defines wealth and a win when the whole world can observe your accolades. In Christ the true victory is won in humility and its shouldn't be publicized since the Lord will speak for Himself through our lives. In addition He gets all the glory for everything we do in Christ. We were created for His glory! Praise the Lord for his faithfulness! We got the victory in JESUS!

1 Cor 15:55-57 O death, where is your victory?
O death, where is your sting?[a]”
For sin is the sting that results in death, and the law gives sin its power. But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ.