Thursday, December 10, 2009

Diversity I

Diversity can change the world. I know what the readers out there are thinking, that is such a big statement. I say this because diversity has a way of enhancing the human experience in any setting whether it it be college, the workplace or a residential community. When I say diversity I mean a population that varies in race, religous background, social class, family upbringing.

The way we grow is by shedding the layers of ignorance and exploring new horizons. The reason why I think diversity can transfrom society is because it allows us to learn from others and get out of our comfort zone. Forming bonds with others who do not share our background allows us to grow. The way we grow is by shedding the layers of ignorance and exploring new horizons.

Diversity is crucial in college. This is especially true if you go away for college. It is the perfect environment for exploration of new horizons. College is where most people discover who they really are! Diversity definitely facilitates this process. When you have people from various socio-economic, residential, and cultural backgrounds in the same location there is potential for incredible things to happen. My college experience was great. Although my college was socially segregated by race, I went out of my way and used my extroversion to mingle in different social circles and it was worth it. Being exposed to people from Poland, China, South America, The Middle East, Down South, and Cali revolutionized my world view. I had never traveled to these places but I got a glimpse of what they were like through interacting with these individuals and attending diffrent culural events. I would go to the Chinese moon festival, korean drumming, and Indian bhangra performances. In addition I would attend Latino and Carribean events. I would also speak to people who were affluent. On the contrary I spoke to others who were homeless at one time in their lives. These experiences made me a new man. I left college with a wealth of experiences that changed the way I thought. Going away for college was the right choice, after coming back home from college I see the world through different lens than I did before.

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