Sunday, January 3, 2010

Immigrant's Ambition I

For some American citizens the United States of America is the land of extortion for most foreigners the Unites States of America is seen as the land of infinite opportunity. The voyage is made to the land of milk and honey where the passengers possess a strong will to succeed and a hunger like ambition. So I ask myself are people who are neither immigrants nor 1st/2nd generation Americans taking the resources available for granted? Well in my story my parents were born in Dominicabn Republic and they came to the country in the early 1980s. They lived in the South Bronx by Jerome ave. which was a breeding ground for Dominicans. Most people flock to their own ethniciy which is a natural instinct of mankind. My parent's attitude was one of positivity growth and progress. They had a goal in mind and would not let up until it was accomplished. Thye did not come here to squander time nor resources but rather to seek better opportunities for themselves and to provide a better future for their kids. They never took anything for granted from being able to send their kids to schools where they were eligible for good financial aid to having running hot water. They new they had to break their backs to get what they wanted.

My parents had a dream and behind that dream there was a vision that carried their aspiration. My parents have always progressed; we moved every couple of years in order to improve our living conditions. The central theme in my parent's lives is progression. My parents wont stop until all of their kids graduated from college. and become successful professionals. My parents push us to realize our academic potential without even knowing about what is required to acquire these grades. But they recognize our efforts and commend us whenever best suited. An immigrant's dream always encapsulates prosperity, progress, and persisitence. Most immigrant
s come here with a fighting attitude to become successful and they have a mentality that breeds success because they take full advantage of the resources available to the general public. Some of these resources are the New York Public Library, education, healthcare, and day care. They take advantage because their homeland is devoid of certain resources.

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