Monday, March 19, 2012


I was at a Christian Concert Friday night. Yes, a Christian Concert, I never thought I would actually say that but I've been born again (Saved) or Christian whichever one you would like to choose for about a 1.5 years and I've seen live bands at conferences and other people minister (showcase craft for the glory of for God) in music. However, I've never been to a Christian concert and it was amazing. The atmosphere was filled with the presence of God. Also the Music artists ministered with such humility it was amazing. The Band's name is Casting Crowns and their name I believe comes from the Bible where you will cast crowns before Jesus' feet: different crowns (salvation, souls, life, victory).

Their songs address the deeper issues of the heart: Jesus Friend of Sinner and Already There. Rather than speaking about the superficial needs and materialistic desires they speak about the true problems in life. Not only do they speak about the problems but they also speak about the solution. The solution can only be one thing: His Name is Jesus. All you have to do is be humble and ask Him to come in and He will enter your heart and change you from the inside out. When you have a real encounter with the Lord you will never be the same. The Lord will transform your heart and mind to be part of you. A verse in the Bible says a physician has only come for the sick (Matthew 9:12). Most standard medications only treat the symptoms rather than the actual disease. Well mankind has a disease and its name is sin. It has infected man down to the very core and although its our nascent state from birth until we get Saved the evil one (Devil) tries to deceive us into thinking its our permanent state. It is definitely not. The only cure for sin is Jesus and its mediated through salvation. Shattered homes, empty souls, broken hearts, sexual abuse, alcohol abuse, drug abuse teen pregnancy, gang violence, incarceration, and suicide have all plagued our generation. There are various societal factors that have contributed to these issues. However, the root and fundamental issue is SIN!

There are multiple signs of sin. Hating your brother, gossiping, and tearing your brother down is not godly! Holding a grudge or avoiding a person you were once friends with, feeling empty, insecure, guilty, or condemned, having an ego, thinking life revolves around you, being obsessively consumed (idolizing) by any one thing be it reading books or sniffing coke are signs. Looking at somebody else's girlfriend or wife, not caring about the needy or marginalized groups in society (poor, homeless, drug addicts, mentally ill, prisoners), enough rage to kill somebody, looking at horoscopes, lying to make yourself look better, burning passion to have sex outside of marriage are also symptoms. All these are very detrimental to your psyche and soul and provoke thoughts of strife, murder, lust greed, pride, adultery, jealousy. Not only are these thoughts and behaviors self destructive but they can hurt others around us they can ruin relationships and damage lives. The Only one that can heal the wounds in our heart and make us whole is Jesus.

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