Sunday, April 26, 2009


What is intuition and who has it? How can you attain it or seek it if you don't have it? This is a burning question I have had for a while. Is intuition some kind of unforeseen secret that remains to be unraveled. Is it some kind of innate quality that only a chosen few have? Or is it something that everybody possesses but only certain people take the necessary time out to tap into this powerful force. Intuition is a treasure chest that can be unlocked. Of course you need the right combination or code in order to unlock it. But when you do the world as we know it is at your feet.

Intuition can be used in many aspects of your everyday life. I think it would be the most useful in decision making. You can utilize your intuition to guide you in the right direction and bring you closer to your goals in life. Intuition can help you defeat the odds and overcome any challenges that you may encounter in life. It can elevate your well being and broaden your horizons as well.

If you ask me everybody has intuition. Intuition is the voice inside your head that discerns whether something feels right or not. It is like a sixth sense that foresees the outcome of any situation and helps you judge any situation properly. Intuition is a special attribute that can also help you read people really well. You will be able to distinguish the people who have good intentions and those who have bad intentions. It can also serve as your personal advisor if you are having a dilemma in life. I believe that it is the most potent in situations that require split second decision making. It is analagous to a spider sense that provides admonishment and allows you to sense danger when its near. It may also predict when good things will happen.

Again I will reiterate I feel as if EVERYBODY has intuition. For some people it may be stronger than others and certain people may exercise it more often than others. Despite the fact that some people may choose to use it for malicious reasons or exclusively for self gains I think it still belongs to everybody. Intuition is a divine gift that you must firstly believe in before you actually unlock its secrets. Once you discover the immense power that harnessing your intuition can provide for your growth and life journey you will be one special person!

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