Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hard Times

At times it gets frustrating, you put sooooooo much in but get little out. Invest your soul and only get a remnant of your flesh back. Yeah it is my life that I speak of and struggles that I experienced. I question myself is my purpose in life as evident and as definitive as I think it is or is it just a fiction of my imagination. Being dedicated day in and day out is an arduous task when you do not reap the results you want. Your expectations are high but the outcome is dismal. Maybe other people do work harder maybe I am the hardest working person, either alternative is a plausible hypothesis. Maybe a self evaluation will do the trick. Who knows even that may not lead to a satisfying answer.

I try my best though, I honestly for me to not perform is an attack on my personal character, it is also an assassination attempt on my work ethic. I invest my sweat, blood, and tears in order to reach that distant goal but nothing comes of it. I devote my time and energy but little if any of the desired outcome is produced. That leads to my next point maybe I am not supposed to do well on a certain test or in a certain field because my Creator has a bigger plan in store for me that I do not know of. The mysteries of life are revealed at times when we least expect it. That is why life itself is an enigmatic journey where we learn to be very cognizant of signs that point us in the right direction. It is by God's providence that I am where I am today and have the blessed opportunity and privilege of giving back to the community that gave me so much.

Life throws these curve balls at us but it is up to us to react in the best way possible. It is a testament to our character if we are resilient in the midst of stark opposition and grueling hardships or if we just languish in the shadows and yield to the opposition. I must remain strong and I must strive to find the positive in every negative or unfavorable situation. It is hard to achieve your goals when anything and everything is not working your way, but we need hope and faith to go the distance. Most of all if we are going to complete our mission in life we need to dig for that inner strength that defines us and also be guided by the divine inspiration inspires us!

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