Friday, July 24, 2009


I wanted to share some of my poetry. I want to thank my forum followers and let them know they are special because I do not share my poetry often. I hope that none of my poems offend anybody as it is just my self expression and what I was feeling at that specific place and time. Also I wanted to say that this poem does not speak to the whole white population just a particular group of people!


Rich white kids with emo hair cuts acting like they down for the cause...sporting the latest urban outfitter outfit, dreads, and rasta hat.

They are not really revolutionaries more like faketionaries( fake meanings to who they truely are)

Go ahead talk about how you fight the power

But when the hour arrives to battle a flawed and discriminatory system do not pause, vehemently engage in combat for dignity and demonstrate you really down for the cause

Manifest to us and prove to us your sociopolitical consciousness

Cuz believe it or not whether you are poor or affluent you remain exempt from the heinous subjugation of racism and discrimination that dwells on the color of your skin and attempts to deteriorate your well being

This evil force with a legion of demons ready to besiege us at any given moment

What you do not realize is that ignorance is vulnerable and just like us your place in this world is borrowed

You are not invincible and life does not last forever

We are all mortals taking this world for granted

The difference between me and you is that I have an inner being...what some may call a soul. This transcends the physical, mental, emotional, aspects of our being!

My soul is my creator's gift to me and it can never be replaced because it forces me to stay true to myself

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  1. :-D You should share your poetry more often. I found this piece very interesting and insightful.