Friday, July 24, 2009

Train Ride

A train ride through the epochs of time

As I sit here I observe the scenery of past events

A train ride through the mountains of success and hills of glory

The train ride is smooth at times but can get bumpy and tumultuous.

All in all though it is the conductor's responsibility to hold steady.

It is crucial for him to maintain his focus, pace, diligence, and stability

The conductor must navigate the course beforehand in order to anticipate the challenges that awaits him.

He also needs to leave room for error

As the itinerary progresses they pass through the valley of despair and the oceans of serenity, right by the fields of prosperity and the volcanoes of peril

This same train ride has been down the abyss of debacle and right up the waterfalls of victory.

The conductor became sidetracked by all the scenery and lost focus

The train was derailed but he was able to regain control and keep the engine pushing.

When the destination was in sight he began to celebrate,

In the midst of his euphoria he lost his vision until there was a malfunction on the track and the train stopped. But then he woke up.

He was despondent and found no alternative but to shut down the train.

But they fixed the problem and stayed the course to complete his excursion.

Despite all the challenges and hardships, he sought out his destination.

CHOO CHOOO The train has arrived to its destination.

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