Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MCAT and Life

I DID IT. I FINALLY CONQUERED THE BEAST! I am in utter disbelief of this accomplishment. While most wouldn't dare take this exam I was valiant enough to take on the task! The exam is definitely not for the faint of heart it is for those who have the desire to embark on this journey. Although many will attempt and prove futile few will attempt and claim victor. Pyschological strength and intellect is necessary in order to face this monster! In addition months of training and devising strategies on how to defeat this beast is required. While training is imperative your fate shall be determined by stamina, perseverance, wisdom, and faith. Many will enter this valley but few will survive. During this trek it takes a certain caliber of human being to undergo this ordeal. The completion of this journey is only possible through a higher power! Your destiny is decided by your creator, only then you shall be set free and your soul be liberated!

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