Monday, September 21, 2009


In our paths to self discovery we can become easily polluted by the world's expectations. In addition, there lies a possibility that we can become confined to society's norms while inhibiting our growth. Why must we succumb to others' desires? Our fate shouldn't be determined by others' perceptions. If we let our fate be determined by the world's views our identity may be compromised.

One of the plagues of the human existence is striving to fit in rather than just being ourselves. I wonder why we try so hard to fit in? Is it because we fear rejection, marginalization, and /or judgment if we don't mimic everybody else's actions? Anybody who deviates from the norm is an anomaly, more importantly he/she is a leader. These unique individuals could care less about what other people think or say about them. This is the best way to live because your decisions are entirely autonomous and are not determined by what other people may think.

Falling into the status quo perpetuates the norm. It is easier to follow somebody else's path rather than create your own. I also believe that emulating other people's actions is easier than just acting out of your own volition. Being different and being the odd ball out is quite difficult. It is natural to feel uncomfortable when we deviate from the norm. Social psychology teaches us that when somebody exhibits a certain behavior we are more prone to behave the same way.

It is difficult to find somebody who deviates from the norm whether it be regarding fashion, religion, or social activities. Everybody wants to stay in the comfort zone and please everybody else rather than pleasing their self. As a result the human population becomes increasingly homogeneous. Furthermore we are not able to think for ourselves anymore but rather let other people invade our thought process. How many times a day do we question our actions by thinking "what will they think of me" or "will they call me weird or crazy"?

The solution to falling into the status quo is liberating yourself from external views. Do not let the world define who you are. You define who you are. In your quest to self discovery you must rely on your inner wisdom and flourish from your own understanding. Your insight will allow you to establish your identity and show the world who you truly are! For example the kid who is genetically white but they call him black and discriminate against him will most likely identify as black even if he did not before. Our views about ourselves are deeply imposed upon by the world's perception of us! What the world thinks will eventually determine how we view ourselves!

It feels good to find your soul. Even though you may do whats convenient for you and the right thing to do you may receive opposition. Whoever does anything the right way will receive feelings of jealousy and hate. When you soul search and decide to make changes in your life that will allow you to grow you have to realize that you may lose friends. It is a desecration to the body, mind, and soul (that the creator gave us) if we choose to listen to our peers and ignore our destiny.
May your soul truly be liberated and identity maintained!

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