Saturday, September 12, 2009

Present, past, and the future

I am fascinated by three different chronological stratospheres: The past the present and the future. Although I strive to maximize my potential in the present, I also prepare for the future and learn from the past. Reflection on all three chronological states allows me to analyze my life.

Future: Sometimes I ask God for the power, strength, and the wisdom to help me foresee the problems in the future so that I can avoid them. But even with the wisdom that has been bestowed upon me I fall in the same pitfalls! I see certain problems being foreshadowed but refuse to take heed of the higher power's advice and my own intuition. My fascination with the future emanates from my belief that the future is promising and that a brighter day awaits me. Also the present becomes boring at times so I am preoccupied with the events that will happen rather than the events that are happening. At times I reside in the future and ignore the happenings that take place in the present. In order to view the future I must have faith in things unseen.

Past: I see the past as the experiences that have made me as a person which is why the past is so precious. I also enjoy reflecting on the past because I am able to reminisce on certain events that brought joy to my life, along with every occasion that was fun. In addition the past gives me perspective on the present and how to change my actions to obtain more desirable results. The past has inspired me to revisit the positive events but reminded me of my trials and tribulations. At times I glamorize the past and focus on how much attention I used to receive. It is a significant symbol of the evolution in this journey we call life. Sometimes I may dwell on the past and forget to live my life in the present. The only baggage I withhold from the past are regrets and grudges. This state of time gives me the insight, intuition, wisdom, and hope to make the present better.

Present: The present is enigmatic, I haven't quite figured it out yet. I have the least love for this chronological stratosphere. I don't find it enticing nor attractive. I think "living in the present" is the most overused cliche. I find nothing mystical about the present, however, it is complex. The things that are happening now may be hard to explain but with a deeper understanding of the future and the past we are able to realize the power in the present and its important role in our lives. Furthermore, events in our lives elapse right before our very eyes and the present rapidly changes into the past. The present has its advantages which allow you to make the necessary adjustments you may need in order to grow. I like the present because I can accomplish anything that is being thrown at me! Concludingly the present I do not favor but I do agree that THERE IS NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT!

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