Monday, November 16, 2009


This past Saturday I attended a mentoring event in Far Rock Away. I thoroughly inspected the MTA subway map and discovered that it was at the end of the A line. So essentially I was going to be traveling the world. I transferred from the the 2 to the A train and I began reading my book. As the train ride progressed I heard these shrieking sounds that seemed like some type of animal so I look outside the train window and see seagulls. The train was hovering over what seemed to be a bay. I must admit I was quite surprised when I saw the water and became frantic for about two seconds then realized that the train was supposed to go over the water and I wasn't in a near life-death situation lol. I thought to myself this body of water is rather massive are we crossing the Atlantic to go to England lol? I got off on the last stop of the train and took a shuttle bus from Far Rockaway to 44th Beach Street. I reached my destination and walked form 44th to 51st. So I entered the rehabilitation center where the event was held asked the security guard what room we were supposed to meet in.

I walk to the room and all I hear are boisterous sounds of kids screaming and hollering. Amidst all the pandemonium I see Butch (a mentor) who is standing outside and avoiding going inside the room. So I go inside the room but proceed with caution lol. As so as I walk in I see one of the mentors Reggie wrestling with one of the mentees. Right after they fight another one jumps in and tries to gang up on Reggie. I diffuse the tension by breaking it up. So then the biggest kid in the room CJ challenges me to a fight and I accept the offer so we wrestle and I wipe the floor with him. As I parade in victory I see like six more kids headed towards me. I try to get them off but it didn't work but they eventually were broken up. Ade came in at 11:30 although the event started at 9:00.

I saw one kid enter late and he seemed sort of pissed off. I observed his personality and he was very quiet, reserved, and solitary. I asked him why he was so quiet and he replied "im tired". I ask him why and he said he was playing a video game. After, I asked him if he knew anybody in the room. He said he knew some of the other boys but he preferred to be by himself. I ask him "why not" and he said he wants to be more independent. I also asked why this is a desirable trait and he said his father let other people take care of his responsibilities and he was dependent. Then the mentee thought to himself where have you been all these years since he has been absent from his life.

After the discussion they did an exercise where the mentees went for a short run and were timed. I stood on a corner cheering them on outside. My mentee came in 1st. I forgot what got you there in the first place? I told him if he puts his mind to it, anything is possible. He nodded his head in affirmation. I was amazed at how sharp all of them were including the mentee. They have advanced vocabulary and have a lot of potential, the only obstacle is unfolding that secret in order to maximize their potential. Supposedly he was in a gang. I am going to try my best for me to persuade him to make the right decision. This is another blog topic I will address in the future. that must be addressed.

So at the end of the day I asked him what he got out of today. He quietly said NEVER GIVE UP! He won two awards today which may be insignificant but to the mentees it means the world to them. This goes to show each one must teach one and we must stick together and share our resources and experiences. The underclass in America is stepped on, called names, and denigrated. We must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep on playing!I could have changed a the mentee's life by revolutionizing his old mentality or maybe I'm seeing the changes and they may not see it. But I came to the realization that God's mission is to help and heal. I'm willing to spread the wealth of knowledge and educate my people on several topics. I was blessed with many gifts and resources in my lief so I am just trying to keep the cycle going by mentoring somebody else who seeks guidance.

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