Monday, November 16, 2009

Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol allows us to escape the harsh realities of everyday life as well as alter our reality. While under the effects of drugs we have the capability of eluding our true fate. Any drug has the capability of distracting you from the truth. Take alcohol for example, it reduces your inhibition therefore exposing our genuine characteristics but also tends to exaggerate those features. In addition it depresses your nervous system and causes you to lose your memory if used excessively. This all distracts you from the truth. Drugs give us the unique opportunity to cultivate a fantasy realm where anything is possible. Under the effects of drugs and/or alcohol people aren't fully aware of their surroundings. In real life people behave differently when they are inebriated rather than sober. This also distorts reality.

Drugs and alcohol also enable you to create your own safe space. This protects you from any damage that anybody may inflict upon you. Its a paradox, you may prevent yourself from being hurt but you hurt other people instead. Anything in moderation can't be too bad for you but anything in excess can cause problems in the future! Drugs and alcohol enslave you and inhibit you form breaking free of the negative cycle. It controls your emotions, physical urges and limits your mental capacity and coherence. As a result drugs and alcohol can be quite harmful. Furthermore drugs and alcohol make you do things that you would not do in your normal state. These experiences can be quite embarrassing.

In a sense masking the veracity of your character takes away from your genuine traits. These substances inhibit the manifestation of your true characteristics. In life we nay resort to an alternative approach for relief, but i life so may curve balls are thrown at you and you have to be able to tackle them before they become too out of control.! Drugs and alcohol gives you temporary relief. In the long run I believe it to be detrimental to yourself and others. Hopefully abstain form both!

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