Saturday, April 10, 2010

Evolution 5

Socially the world has been transformed since 2000. our societies have been saturated with sex, materialism and egotism. Moral values are almost non existent as well as divorce rates reaching astronomical numbers and infidelity has become commonplace. More people have tattoos (which used to be taboo) but are now the norm. STDS, HIV Rates, cases of child and sexual abuse have all risen. our family values are at risk as society has become increasingly focused on the media, fashion, and the culture of individualism. From a cultural standpoint people's values from their birthplace are being replaced by American Values. For example my parents are from the Dominican Republic and most Dominicans are losing their cultural values and customs which are being replaced by American ones. Paradoxically so individualism has increased but nobody feels comfortable in their own skin and originality is frowned upon. Everybody wants to follow the next trend and lose their sense of self rather than think critically about society. Furthermore, incarceration rates (especially for young black men) have risen and abortion rates have dropped since 2000. Moreover drug abuse has risen and gone overboard to the point where drug users have resort to pain killers such as percocet and vicatin as well as other prescription to attain a new high. I believe that the mass media has influenced culture a lot since the 60s and more recently since the year 2000 by promoting sex more aggressively and emphasizing market values such as materialism, and egotism.

Society has also changed a lot since religiously. The scandals in 2001 about Priests molesting young boys has changed the way the world views religion and has put the Catholic church under more scrutiny. In addition the way that extreme capitalism has affected religion has been incrediblle. Mega churches have evolved the and the sole focus of certain churches are to genlerate revenue. Greed and materialism have corrupted the church. Certain pastors are taking tithes for themselves rather than putting the money towards services that the church needs and for the public good. Most sermons focus on prosperity and acquiring wealth rather than improving your well being and strengthening your relationship with God and giving glory to God. We have forgot to exhibit Christian ideals such as compassion, kindness, loyalty, dignity, faith, and altruism.

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