Saturday, April 10, 2010

Evolution of society 2

Scientifically the world has been revolutionized. The discoveries that have been made in genetics and stem cells will have a pivotal impact on humanity. Stem cells are cells that are made in adult bone marrow. Pluripotent stem cells can mature into different cells throughout the body (can turn into a neuron or liver cell) and has the unique capability of regenerating itself. The therapies that will be derived from stem cell research shows a lot of promise in terms of clinical application. These therapies that are being tested in research laboratories is projected to have the ability to cure cancer and neurological diseases such as Parkinson's.

In 2003 the mapping of the human genome was completed successfully. Now we can say that we know the secret to life. The deeper understanding of our genetic makeup will become crucial as we progress into an age where cancer is the second leading cause of death. Through genetic research and analysis ideally, cancer causing genes, proteins and promoters will be isolated and shut down before they can be expressed in the human body and possibly lead to the eradication of cancer in the human race. I know it may far fetched but with the rapid advancement of genetics and science in general this could become quite feasible.

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