Saturday, March 12, 2011


Eight months in Christ, yeah just 8 months! Cant it be 8 years already. Alot of times I ask myself why I'm so impatient with time its like I desire to be older and then reminisce about your youth! I guess I'm impatient because I am eager to see what the Lord will do in my life in the next ten years: how much I would have grown, how many people I may have touched! Also I also want time to fly because everyday is a struggle! I find it more and more difficult everyday to run this race, to keep a steady pace, and to walk in Christ!

I feel like I am growing at an exponential rate (at like 500 mph) and I cant slow down! Its hard to put my thoughts together especially so late at night but I've had a busy day. First Stony Brook loses in a thriller (which was in Boston, yeah we drove out there), then I go to this step show and the dancers and steppers were amazing and blessed! Nevertheless it had so much secular music it made me sick! Everybody was singing most of the songs except me! This is where the confusion set in! I asked myself am I out of place or is it that everybody is doing the right thing and I'm the odd-ball out? Then I saw all these attractive girls in these provocative outfits and Lust started to invade my heart. During the show some girls began to give me seductive looks and started to revive worldly thoughts! To cap it off a couple of people asked me to attend the after party and I had to refuse as it is not "Godly"! Then I second guessed myself. Have I been taught to do certain things as a Christian and abstain from other activity because it is frowned upon in the Christian world or is it a voluntary decision that I made in m heart?

I think I'm gonna go ahead and answer my own question! It was the latter and nobody told me to stp clubbing I decided because I felt convicted then I met other people who were serious about their walk with Christ and stopped clubbing! The enemy loves to confuse us and deceive us into thinking that walking in the darkness is as normal as breathing(that it is something we must do), He is a liar! But it is incumbent upon us as Christians to pick up and carry our cross daily and to deny thyself not just say it! In Corinthians it says come out from amongst them, in John it says we are not of the world and in Matthew it says we must be salt and light! We must maintain separate from the world and demonstrate to others that we are different (not better). This indicates that what Im doing is the right thing and avoiding the devil's lair (which is where he wants me to be so I can recommit myself to the bondage of sin)! The Devil is more concerned about the people that are on fire for Christ than the people in the world because he sees us as a threat, and wants to exterminate the threat so that his kingdom of darkness can flourish! Well let him see me as a threat I am honored by the title, as a matter of fact I will go toe to toe with him, protected by the armor of God and the power of Christ! We bless the Lord and magnify your name we exalt You! There is nobody ELSE like you! I also know that people will start to change the way they look at Christians and their hearts will begin to melt, and they will begin to devote their lives to Christ! They will see the power of Christ as they will see individuals transformed once they accept their salvation! We MUST STEP INTO OUR TRUE CALLING (like one of my friends said)!

Well I look forward to my 1st birthday in Christ in 4 months right around when my god daughter will turn 1! I wouldn't miss neither of the two events for the WORLD!

God Bless and Praise God

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