Monday, April 11, 2011

New World Part I

A bit disoriented to say the least, surprised to be honest, and joyful to be exact! I dont know how I got here, I'm in a New World like the western hemisphere! I have been transformed and I don't know how it happened but God does! See it was weird to be praising the Lord on a Saturday night when I used to hit da club and get drunk! Now I'm giving glory to Him on a Saturday! If you would have told me this a year ago (that I would have been in a Christian fellowship and worshiping God on a monday) not even in my wildest dreams I would have imagined this! The Lord takes you on adventures you don't expect and brings you to places you may not have thought of! See I wanted to become a physician and save the Lord without letting God do his work, I thought I was capable of salvaging the world form its misery without HIM! Boy was I wrong, God turned my life around, he taught me that He is in control! Only he can change me, deliver me and cleanse me! To God be the Glory

I really don't understand how I got here, God is amazing and He can change your will , emotions, and desires! An intimate relationship with Him cannot be compared to anything else in the world! I learn from the older folk I meet that come to Christ in there 40s and have found the Lord! They regret being in the world and seeking worldly things to comfort, satisfy, and to fill them up, to only end up empty! Yes empty: the girls the clothes, the cars, monetary success, educational degrees, athletic prizes, and money will leave you desiring for more ultimately falling short of the void that lays in your soul! It may look like people have fun but ultimately they depend on alcohol, relationships, relatives, philosophy, or ordinary poems to seal the gap that the Lord made us with to allow HIM to fill us up! And all else will only leave you thirsting for more of God!

People find God in many different ways; I have heard plenty of testimonies! One woman was a crack addict and was delivered from drug addiction! Another man I spoke to had demons chasing him and taking over his life! However when he gave his life to Christ the demons were rebuked and he found peace in God! This guy was adopted at a young age and committed many crimes, partook in gang violence, and dabbled with drug dealing which culminated in a short stint at the juvenile detention center! Other testimonies that will be heard is from women who were saved in Prison! One of the ministries from the church I attend (TimesSquareChurch) went to Rikers Island and spoke to inmates and also ministered poetry! Once the inmates heard the poetry they started balling and began to cry unwarrantedly and incessantly! They did an altar call and more than 50 percent of the women gave their lives to Christ! To God be the Glory! Other testimonies are not as dramatic but yet are still significant: people who grew up in the Church and then found the Lord after going through their own trials! As for me I was one who was deep in the world: drinking, partying, club scenes! I always wanted to be validated and people's external perceptions really mattered a lot to me! I was imprisoned by other's thoughts, attitudes, and emotions towards me! I also felt empty inside and sought to fill that void with worldly things such as girls, money, sports, personal accomplishments, drinking, dancing, money, clubbing, and self help books! I sought happiness and satisfaction in everything you can imagine! But then God revealed to me through a huge fight I instigated that I was headed down the broad path of destruction! He showed me that I had to follow him by giving my heart to Him or I would be ruined! Since this foreshadowing I began to regret what happened and guilt sunk in, I thought about it alot and it made me distraught( little did I know this was the enemy amplifying these negative thoughts)!

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