Sunday, October 2, 2011

Step into your Calling

Picture this, one of foot is in the quicksand and my other one is on concrete! Automatically there in is an unbalanced state! The equilibrium is offset! All of a sudden you become weaker, there is disorder and you begin to stumble, you become confused, scared, and your foundation lacks stability!

This state is exactly what happens when we are in the outer courts. If one has one foot in the kingdom and one in the World it becomes difficult to attain the fullness of measure in Christ! It is similar to devoting half your time studying medicine and the other half studying architecture! Individuals will never be able to maximize their potential because an individual will only be half as successful as one could have been since their time and diligence is split in half! God's desire is to use us and anoint us with His spirit but it requires devotion to the things of his Kingdom and significantly less of this world! He said in his Word, seek me and ye shall find me when you seek me with all your heart!

When you have one foot in the world you are not giving him your whole heart. Therefore it will be difficult to find Him and ultimately discover His will for your life! If you don't find His will for your life, you definitely cant find your calling! All of this leads to a domino effect and it starts with total submission to God's will by having both feet in the kingdom. Once we have both feet in the kingdom we can truly step into our calling because now the Lord can ordain our steps and we are seeking him with our whole heart and not a half heart! As opposed to when we have one foot in the world and one in the kingdom it becomes difficult to take forward steps as we will be taking one step forward and another backward since we are directing on our own steps while following the Lord's as well which is totally confusing and counter productive!

Once we dive in head first and submerge our wholselves in the kingdom of God, it is then and only then that we can step into our calling! Our calling is very important because everybody has a calling and we must adhere to the calling if we want to make a difference in this world! The other very special thing about a calling is that its like a fingerprint and it is unique to us. What I am called to do nobody else can, even if its the same ministry. Lets say two different people are both called to be teachers in the same subject at the same high school. Each teacher may provide for the students differently and offer a different type of insight! How do we find our calling and what do we do once we find our calling? Well my belief is that we must first enter the Most Holy place and be in his presence through prayer and ask Him abut His will for our life and depending on the type of relationship you have with the Almighty, He will answer you quickly or reveal it to you step by step! Another way we find our calling is through reading and meditation of the word of God!

Once we find our calling and know that it is our purpose in life and the way in which we are serve the Lord then we must sharpen our skills to represent the excellence of the kingdom of God! We will bear fruit and others will be blessed by the calling we have now accepted as an invitation from the Lord! May Christ be reflected in our lives as we ccept the calling he has for our lives! Much love and peace to tthe breathren!

God be the glory Now and Forever,


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