Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Broken, Alone, Empty, and Hungry!

These are the ways that the Lord wants to see us in order to reach the depths of our soul! Sometimes I wonder why I feel empty inside and alone but I have everything! I have a family who loves me, two degrees, wonderful friends, and best of all CHRIST!

I finally had a revelation about why, after having a conversation with one of my Aunts. She had an encounter with the Lord after her son was diagnosed with Leukemia and she joined prayer groups in desperate need of emotional, social, and spiritual support! Sge gave her life to the Lord in the process and he got healed! If you don't believe in the supernatural power of God and have any questions please post any comments. She told me something personal about myself without me informing her, I was shocked; she was using the gift that God gave her through the Holy Spirit (Word of Knowledge)! Then she mentioned that we have to continue to fill ourselves up with God! While she was sharing, the verse about the cup overflowing came to my mind! The cup overflowing is getting filled u with the Lord , His promises, and His presence. As soon as she mentioned that, I thought about what I was experiencing the night before. I was feeling empty because I saw all these Christians in relationships and I felt like I should have been in one! But then I thought about the relationships I had in the past where the girls were great but the Lord had not ordained it and they became idols! If God is not the center of your life something else will become!

My vessel was half empty but it was not getting filled to the brim with the treasures of the LORD! If a cup is half empty it must be filled with something and that something has to be things of this world that made me feel empty anyway! The drinking, the women, and the clubs would fulfill me for a while but then it would evaporate!

So even when we have Christ there is still a sense of brokenness because we will always be incomplete without Christ or because we fail to fully inherit all the blessings in the kingdom! When we feel empty its because a huge part of our vessel longs for God! Maybe we need to hear a Worship song, preaching, Seek HIS FACE through prayer or read the WORD! Either way we can get filled up with more things of GOD! Thank you Lord for everything! You are ALPHA and Omega Wonderful Counselor, the Almighty God! The Deliverer, Provider, Prince Of Peace! Jesus is all we need: Col 2:10 And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power:

Now lets get one thing straight the Broken are the Lost. People think the most Broken are homeless people! It is true for the most part but not always! Someone who has every material possession, high status, and educational degrees is also broken! Their soul is filled up with all these temporary things that will fade away! It may be difficult to acknowledge it but even the most powerful people who look like they have it all together are walking around with a gaping Hole that says JESUS and they dont even know it! The guy who walks around like he's too cool for school and is Mr. Popular may be the one who needs Christ the most but his superficial image prevents him from getting to know the Lord! This kid may be dying to meet Christ but have had a rough life and these barriers and insecurities prevented him from fully engaging in a relationship with GOD! Others have lost all of their family and have no where to go or turn to, but CHRIST! Although I pray that everyone comes to Christ, I enjoy seeing when the Real Broken come to Christ because they offer their whole bodies as sacrifices for the LORD to operate and USE THEM!

The homeless guy,the overweight kid who is ridiculed, and abuse victim is looking for the profound healing that only Christ can offer! It is not only the really downtrodden that need Christ, we do too! The Pariahs in society are the most thirsty because they have no back up plans and nobody to support them so they are looking for someone who will accept them just as they are (JESUS)! Many other people do as well and although we may not show it explicitly, the Longing for the Lord is still in our souls which is why we worship status, people, possessions (cars), idols, etc. Last weekend I went to a Bible study and found out that everybody there had a sense of brokenness! WE all needed to be mended and healed by the Lord! The next day we prayed for someones household and led a family member to CHRist in the household who was a recovering alcoholic and who the family gave up on and has isolated. In his face there was a little bit of everybody who is Lost and is in dyre need of Christ! His soul just crossed into eternity and so will many others if we continue to look for the opportunities to preach the gospel and love people! I spoke about the woman at the well in one of my previous Blogs! Jesus told the woman "Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst". Everybody may be Thirsty, but HOW THIRSTY ARE YOU ????????????????

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