Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dont wanna Waste my Life

People may see me as the good Christian boy or some of my friends call me Pastor Alex! I find it funny but honestly I think people view me as somebody who may be doing this in my own strength! On the contrary every piece of my flesh would love to act a fool but the Lord has opened my eyes to his love grace and mercy! How could I turn back to the things that seem like they were giving me instant gratification but were actually killing me slowly! I find the lifetstyle challenging I really do but I know that there is a greater reward not only on earth but in HEAVEN! I know the truth and I know I have eternal life, I also have the opportunity to reach millions of lives through the gospel and to make a profound impact on people’s lives! I would not want to live my life any other way! No longer am I a slave to depression, no longer am I a slave to suicidal thoughts, materialism, and no longer am I a slave to other people’s thoughts and opinions of me!

Im not gonna lie though I miss being with friends and my loved ones! Im usually the only one going to Church on Fridays and Sundays. It’s a bit frustrating but its also comforting because I want to be the light amidst the darkness even though people don’t view the activities they engage in as darkness but its because the Lord hasn’t revealed Himself to them yet! I have no right to judge anybody, just 1 year ago I used to engage in the same activities and not see anything wrong with it! But the Lord allowed certain things to happen so that I could come running to HIM and HE could have total ownership of my LIFE! But now my Mom and I are the only Christians in my immediate family and Im the only young Christian in my extended family who we interact with. The rest of my family say they believe in God but they aren’t necessarily saved, I don’t think they understand what it means to be saved! Although they are wonderful people they aren’t Christian so it creates a certain rift in our connection! A Lot of my life revolves around Christ and its unfortunate that my Non Christian friends and I hardly hang out as much because I don’t do the things I used to do although some of us are still close! I feel like that intimate aspect is lacking! Yeah I know it kind of sucks that Im not able to share a deeper bond with some people but in obeying the Lord we have to let some things go, but I guess its part of life!

Everybody has a calling in Life! The Lord has given me the privilege of being an evangelist and a prophet for his Kingdom! I am not boasting in myself but only Boasting in the Lord because without Him I am nothing and there is no egotism in my Blood! But I do know HE has equipped me with certain skills to transform the world, encourage others and to bring CHANGE to this generation! Our generation is so focused on theirselves, their own image, goals, and desires; its nothing short of ridiculous! Nobody wants to stop and speak to the homeless man or visit a family member who's in the hospital because it may be inconvenient! People are walking around in chains of abuse, hopelessness, perverseness, drug addiction, lack of love and fear just to mention a few things; they are looking to get delivered without anybody asking! Sometimes they want a way out but are either to afraid to say it and take a leap of faith or just aren't aware of the bondage they are in! This is where Christians come in!

I personally want to build Community Centers for kids in the Bronx and travel doing motivational speaking! I believe the youth is lost but we can regain them by loving them, interacting with them, while being sincere and accepting! As for right now, lately people have been speaking about me being a Pastor! I don't doubt I have a pastoral calling, since many people have spoken that over my life! However the Lord has yet to give me confirmation for it! I love ministering to people and encouraging them! The Lord created me for a purpose! Even if I have to get persecuted I still have Christ in my heart and GOD as my GPS! I mus die to the flesh and all my earthly desires. I will proclaim His name Boldly in this generation until people understand that we are fighting for our souls! Its not religion its a relationship and as we read the promises of God to ourselves not only are we mighty in the Lord but that without the Lord we are limited! I was bought at a price and I live to please him and nobody else (1 Cor 6:20For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's)!

God is going to do an amazing work in this generation but he needs Leaders to carry His Promises and his VISION and to remind people of them! WE should love people unconditionally! Either way the LORD is amazing! I no longer live for myself but I live for the Lord! God has spoken to me in many different ways! WE must keep our eyes on Jesus and renounce any selfish thoughts or actions of the flesh while trusting in the Lord and the anointing that abides in us! In order to be part of the Christ movement that will shape this generation for the years to come, we must stand and Dare to be different and sanctified, anybody down?



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