Friday, May 8, 2009

Stages in Life

Friday May 8th

It is now 5:05pm and I am in my friends house in Syracuse University (my alma amater). I would have never thought that this would arrive so quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a year ago I was organizing my room, preparing my cap and gown, and getting ready to embark on a weekend journey of commencement.

The experience is surreal. I feel like I am here physically but mentally and psychologically I feel detached like I am in limbo. I know it sounds obscure but I feel like I don't belong here. I mean that in the best way possible..nobody has made me feel uncomfortable its just that I dont feel the same connection to the institution compared to when I was a student here. Is that normal???????? Just a year ago I hit the post grad depression hard and all I could think about were all the social clubs I was involved with along with the friends and faculty I had forged significant connections with. Maybe its because I haven't seen any of my close friends yet or maybe its because thats how you are supposed to feel when you have surpassed a certain stage in your life.

The feeling is sort of indescribable...its a paradox, I feel like I belong but at the same time I feel like dont! Maybe in late June I felt like I belonged because I was a recent graduate but since now I am a year removed from the undergraduate experience I have emotionally distanced myself from the lifestyle and mind state of college. If people ask me would you do it all over again... I would empahatically say yes. Ohhh man what an experience, I cant begin to describe what an enlightening experience my time at Syracuse was. It was well balanced with work and fun and it also fostered my social, intellectual, and spiritual development. They say the people make the the place, that it is no more truer than at Syracuse. I met people that have shaped me as a person and I have learned something from every person I've had interactions with even if they were brief. Everybody I have met and all the experiences I have had (the negative and the positive), have made me a better person. From my freshman year to my senior year I grew so much as a person.

Sunday May 10

As the weekend progressed I began to feel more comfortable and I was able to successfully reassimilate to the college life. I began to feel like a "kid" again with no responsibilities. It was a beautiful escape from reality for three long days! Attending all the ceremonies and graduations was reminiscent of my own commencement ceremonies. Going to different functions and social events over the weekends also reminded me of what the college life was like. I basically relived the experience and pure nostalgia is all I could remember. Every time I would pass a dining hall or a place on Marshall street I would recall an event that occurred in that same exact place. The feeling was utterly indescribable. Again I reiterate, physically I feel like I was there but my mind and my spirit would wander. It was like a outer body experience. I know it sounds pretty outlandish. Well thats it. I saw the people that made a difference in my life and I bumped into people who's lives I had touched during my college career. I also saw one of my close friends graduate. It was a great time and I had a blast. I loved my experience at Syracuse and it made me a better person. I have now moved on but I will NEVER forget where I came from.

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