Friday, June 5, 2009

Masks 2

Other modes of fakeness derive from pursuing ephemeral acquisitions that give you temporary highs such as fame and Hollywood. This encourages people to be more superficial and focus on material things rather than focus on the genuine fabric and substance of our inner selves that make us human. However we as people naturally yearn for attention by seeking popularity or other modes of public acknowledgement while trying to attain the material goods in order to fit in. Some people do not have the financial backing to purchase material goods but in order to fit in they succumb to society's norms and buy them anyway. For example some people in and around Hollywood wear strictly name brand clothing. What does the name brand clothing mean? In a sense it is a symbol of artificiality. It is a symbol of “prestige and affluence”. If you wear a Gucci suit it doesn't make you any better of a person than the next person who got their suit at a discount store? The clothes is just covering up who you really are so form this perspective it is fake. Another way somebody can be fake is by saying they are going to do something but never do it. If you tell me you are going to take down my number to call me and then act like we are the best of friends when we really aren't but you never call me then this is unacceptable and fake.

Another more common way that we show our fakeness is by hiding our feelings or not exposing our true feelings. We should be more transparent about our lives and less guarded. I understand that transparency can simultaneously show vulnerability but it is when we are the most vulnerable that we can forge close connections with one another. Being transparent about our lives has the power of making us more intimate as social beings on this planet.

One of my favorite divinely inspired quotes is: you can only perpetuate a facade for so long until your genuine self is revealed. You can put up a front for as long as you want but sooner or later the veracity of your character will surface. Your genuine self will be exposed like it or not. The truth is ugly at times but it must be revealed in order for us to grow. THE TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL IT IS INEVITABLE! People have so many masks that they can't figure out which one to wear anymore. Do you pick the facade or the truth? Being somebody else is easy, now being yourself is an arduous task!

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