Friday, June 5, 2009


This is something I have thought about intermittently. I thought about how many fake people I have met in my life and I must say that there is an overwhelmingly populous amount of "fake" people that out populate genuine people. Is being genuine "played out" or is it blaze or uninteresting. There is so much fakeness that I find myself stratifying different levels and modes of fakeness. Many people put of a facade that masquerades their true feelings, thoughts and most importantly their true selves. Maybe its because the majority of the world is fake in one way or another so it becomes daunting to be real and remain grounded.

The levels of fakeness I have observed are distinct but carry a similar theme, act one way in a situation and be a total different person in another situation. One of the fakest behaviors I have seen is where you know somebody and they greet you one day but the next day they act like they never met you in the first place. Another very common fake behavior is where a group of people are in a room but as soon as that person leaves they begin speak about them and then another person leaves the room and people start speaking about them behind their backs. The cycle never ends; even best friends when you are not around may bad mouth you. Unfortunately this possibility is part of life and sometimes we have to deal with it because we would like to conserve our friendships. But most of the time we have a choice to voice our opinion and have the golden opportunity of being truthful without being fake. This "fake" behavior is honestly appalling. This is foreshadowing of future betrayal amongst other things. The realest people will be completely honest with you and are not afraid to disclose who they are.

Another mode of fakeness is one where people refuse to be honest with one another. Like when people lie to each other about trivial matters. If somebody asks you: what do you think about their outfit, you should just speak your mind and tell the truth. Instead, most people will say it look goods in order to appease the person although
they disapprove with what the person is wearing. Other ways that people are fake is by personifying or impersonating somebody they are not. For example if you work at the local grocery store but you tell people you that you are a rock artist, releasing an album soon on a major label, and waiting to go on tour. This scenario would lead me to question how genuine you are you. Why is it necessary to emulate an image that is not yours, especially if it is not an image that you would like to portray? This action implies that you do not feel comfortable in your own skin so you try to embody somebody else's life that is not yours. I really do not see the logic in this especially since people are eventually bound to be scrutinized and exposed for who they really are.

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