Friday, June 12, 2009

Talented Tenth

I have always wondered if this concept of the talented tenth really exists. By the talented tenth I mean an elite group of people who are bound for unparalleled success. I ask this philosophical question because I have met people that grow up in the worst socioeconomic conditions however grow up to be very successful. This special group of people have the outstanding ability to overlook the negativity and to overcome insurmountable obstacles. I know somebody who fits this archetype. He is a doctor and his two sisters are lawyers. The image most people have of these three young professionals entailed them coming from a family where being a lawyer or a doctor is the norm and they are just following in everybody else''s footsteps. This is because our preconceived notions which are influenced by society have conditioned us to think that people of a certain social class or racial background are not supposed to or just aren't capable of attaining such status.

Well to no surprise my friend and his two sisters are Latinos from the housing projects in New York City. Him and his two sisters have broken so many barriers by going to college and on top of that they decided to shatter the ceiling by acquiring a graduate degree. This vanguard is not only the exception but an anomaly. To survive a situation in which the surroundings are despondent is incredible to say the least. It takes a special person to have that drive and self motivation. But what I don't understand is why doesn't everybody get up and out of the hood if he was able to do it.

My answer is that there are only a few people who are predestined for greatness while many others will fall into the mediocre category especially coming from an urban environment. The prestigous cohort also known as the talented tenth has has their fair share of trails and tribulations . I also have a theory that people who grow up in impoverished neighborhoods are mentally stagnant and believe they can't achieve what is not tangible. But the talented tenth is an innately brilliant group of people who are overachievers in their own right, and are divinely inspired to be leaders of the world. They view the world through a different lens and see innummerbale possibilities while visualizing their future! These prominent people are born to accomplish great things and already have a path set out for them. But it is up to each person to realize their destiny and fulfill their true potential. I want to let you in on a little secret though. Anybody could be in the talented tenth if you wanted to be. As long as you believe in a higher power, work hard and you utilize the power of the mind then anything is achieveable.

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