Monday, October 5, 2009

Fear of letting other people get to close

Why does mankind approach intimacy with such trepidation? Shortening our gaps of unfamiliarity should be conducive to the survival of mankind. Most people have their reservations with becoming to close to a person. The reservations may emanate from their fear of rejection and fear of letting other people see them at their most vulnerable points.

While people view vulnerability as a precarious situation others may view it as an opportunity for growth. I believe that at our times of vulnerability we are the most alive. By alive I mean a state of existence where we permit the world to view us as we truly are with all our flaws and insecurities. In addition most individuals rather not foster intimate relationships because they fear being judged or suffering psychological and emotional damage. The underlying reasons for these anxieties may vary. The intentions for impeding the formation of a strong bond may be to protect your ego and/or preserve your pride.

What this boils down to is one rudimentary concept. The concept is viewing the relationship with only self interest and failing to take the other party into consideration. This may sound counter intuitive but let’s briefly analyze this theory from a third person perspective. Why would you deprive somebody else of your beauty and gifts? Running the risk of being betrayed or others seeing you at your darkest hour is worth it because increases our possibilities for a beautiful union. Taking a risk and allowing people to see inside the windows of your soul reveals your true character and is a sign of sincere bravado.

There are times when we must step outside our comfort zone and venture the world of the unknown. Although we may not feel safe exploring the unwarranted territories as we initiate every new human relationship we give ourselves a chance to reach a deeper level of understanding and a higher state of consciousness. Through our relationships we learn so much about ourselves and the other individual. However our potential for growth is maximized exponentially by eliminating any restrictions we may have regarding the relationship. Having restrictions with relationships not only prohibits the relationship's growth but each individual’s growth as well. Ultimately this may lead to the squandering of a unique opportunity to form an incredible bond with another human being. This person may be your future soul mate or lifelong friend. Shall we eradicate all barriers!

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