Saturday, October 31, 2009

Introvert vs Extrovert

My definition of an introvert is somebody who is shy while keeping their expression, emotions, and thoughts to themselves as well as somebody who maintains an intimate identity. On the other hand an extrovert is an individual who is outgoing, expresses their emotions outwardly, and makes their identity known. Each type of personality has its advantages and disadvantages.

An extrovert is often considered to be the better personality type. Which can be true or false depending on the scenario or situation. It is only the better personality type in a certain kind of setting like a networking event. One of the advantages of being an extrovert is that you will always have acquaintances as society has a strong affinity towards extroverted people. In addition when you are going through struggles in your own life it will be detected easily which allows you to find emotional support easier. As an extrovert your social skills can take you far in life and ultimately lead to your success. I consider myself to be an extrovert and can say that the down side to being an extrovert is that I have more of a tendency to build weak ties with others. To elaborate on this theory, an extrovert meets so many people it becomes challenging to build strong bonds with another person. Another disadvantage is that we are so preoccupied with expressing who we are that we do not observe the world around us.

An introvert is a very delicate individual who lives a very private and closed life, confined to their own intimate world. These individuals have certain advantages. One advantage is that they are usually very perceptive and intuitive. These unique traits allow them to easily distinguish changes in certain people's personalities. In addition they can use their intuition to read people and what they are about. Since they are quiet most of the time they listen more meticulously than the average person which enables them to have a deeper understanding of people in general. In this very complex society an introvert is also very cognizant of the world surrounding them which is critical for survival. Another benefit for introverts is that they are more prone to build strong relationships with people since they usually have few close friends which tend to be their real ones. On the contrary, one disadvantage is that they may have internal problems that they struggle with but they are reticent to express themselves openly. This can lead to further psychological problems and ultimately lead them not to seek help. This trait of shyness can also hinder personal success as they may be to apprehensive in approaching people for a job or possible internship opportunity. Furthermore their social network may be more limited than other people. There is a certain paradox to introverts, while they generate strong bonds with people they also tend to keep their distance and remain detached.

Who knows why people are born into certain personality types, or maybe nurtured to become certain personality types. However, I do know that each personality type makes a positive contribution to society. Extrovert is the ying to the introvert's yang. This healthy balance makes the world a better place.

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