Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Power of the Mind

Have you ever wondered what the actual metaphysical capabilities of the mid are? did you ever think about somebody and that person has called you? Did you ever envision yourself accomplishing a goal and it has actually happened? These are all concrete examples of the extraordinary capabilities that our minds possess. Through strong intentions, spiritual energy and positive thinking our thoughts can be manifested in reality.

The mind is an element that has befuddled mankind for ages. The mystery of the mind is elusive. While many people have attempted to unlock the secrets of the mind and failed others continue to try to crack the code. There are some individuals who are oblivious to the mind's capacities while others are aware of the capacities but undermine them. There is another population that has heard of the mind's capabilities but are still doubtful.

The power of the mind is infinite. Our minds may even be able to achieve psychokinetic capabilities. Through shared spirituality we can literally read somebody else's mind. This ability may allow us to discover their inner most thoughts and desires. In the book I am reading "Reinventing Medicine" the author explores the concept of the nonlocal mind. The nonlocal mind is described as the mind functioning beyond the boundaries of the body. It also speaks on the mind serving as liaison for different individuals through spirituality. A concrete example of this is praying for a person who is ill and their recuperation process being quicker than the person with the same illness who was not prayed for.

My firm convictions about the untapped potential of the human mind has convinced me that it has capabilities that man cannot fathom. These capabilities may be as extraordinary as time travel or telekinesis. Our mind can also serve as a foreboding tool by sensing danger. So in essence our mind can predict the future; this is amazing.

One of the most well know facets of the mind is that you can attract positive or negative energy. If you can anticipate that bad things will happen on a regular basis then these things will come true. On the contrary if your mind is saturated with good thoughts then an auspicious future awaits you.

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