Thursday, June 16, 2011

Born Again- Relationships

I dont know what to say! I feel like its the beginning and end of a very important stage in my life! Its amazing man! God has revealed to me during the very short time I have been walking with Him that he will surely give you a treasure but you must devote yourself to Him, trust in Him, clinch dearly to FAITH, love, respect, and glorify HIM, endure the persecutions and the trials to gain the eternal prize! He is everything people have looked for: Consideration, acceptance, kindness, Peace, Comfort, Trust, Energy, Passion, Light, Healing, a Father, a brother, stability, food, a refuge, satisfaction, and MOST OF ALL LOVE!

Some people spend their whole lives searching for the truth and never find it, but some do! Those that do will rest with Jesus (who is seated at the right hand of the throne) for eternity! Every problem in the world is either rooted in SIN or in seeking refuge in worldly things! One great example is relationships! Young girls crave attention and validation from the opposite sex! At age 13 females are already engaging in sex! Yes part of it is lack of maturity about how to handle the emergence of their newly acquired bodily features from precocious puberty! Some of them flock towards guys who promise them the world or just frankly give them attention and give their bodies in return for attention or "love"! Prebuscent maturation is a problem within itself and absentee fathers just exacerbate the situation. Certain young females begin to be dependent on their partners or boyfriends for the love and affirmation their biological (absentee) fathers were not able to provide ; ultimately turning their beloved other into an idol! These females unfortunately are very vulnerable. In many situations the couples are engaging in promiscuous behaviors and unprotected sex which can lead to an STD or unexpected pregnancies leading to teenage mothers! One of the STDS is HIV (which has killed plenty of people young and old) and is something not to play around with! Although I believe babies to be blessings from the Lord, I also understand that you want to give your baby all it deserves. One should strive to raise it in the most emotionally, mentally, socially, physically, spiritually and psychologically stable environment! This is very important for the rearing of children and raising the most healthy baby!

All people want to do is be loved, accepted, heard, understood and cared for! Many people claim to find themselves in other individuals or say that their partner is their other half! this can be very dangerous!!!!! In finding yourself you lose who are because you gave so much to that person! If you guys do break up, the break up will destroy the person that totally immersed themselves in the relationship since your ex is now part of you:(soul tie)! One may wonder why females or male may stalk their exes? Its because that person invested all of their emotions into a person and that person became their everything, but let them down! This is normal if you dont worship a higher power. These females were unable to control their emotions as well. Not only that but that person becomes your god since you see them so much and invest so much energy into the relationship! Guys do what they think ascertains or defines their manhood! For most men they think having multiple sexual partners is being a man machismo)! Others hide behind their sexual endeavors and escapades to mask their insecurities and superficially elevate their self esteem! Some males have some trouble controlling their emotions and hormones while others don't want to have sex but do it to be part of the in crowd! There is also a population of males that are missing love and look to girls and sexual relationships for comfort, acceptance and love! Another population of males never had a mother so become bitter, abuse girls, and under-validate them! I personally fit into two categories; I was looking for acceptance and was following the societal norm! However, I did feel disgusted afterwards! If we replaced our boyfriends with Jesus there would be less tragic break-ups, heartbreaks, stds, murders rooted in jealousy, unexpected pregnancies, and abortions! Jesus is the answer to whatever we seek in the world!

The Lord tears down idols because He wants us to put Him First: which makes sense since He sent his Son to the earth to show us how to live, to be crucified on the cross, and be resurrected! We may feel rejected, deserted, and alone but the Lord will comfort us and love us unconditionally! God deserves all the praise and all the Glory and all The honor for what He has done in my life and in the life of others! PRAISE GOD and Glory to the highest, Ruler of heaven and earth, my ROCK, my DELIVERER King over every dominion!

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