Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Lost generation

Our generation is the most unchurched generation ever! You can blame the advent of cell phones and the internet, media, absentee fathers and the system! All of these are relevant and do play a role! But the thing that this generation is missing is Christ! Our generation has very few leaders! The previous generation had Martin Luther King and Mother Theresa, and the one before that had Ghandi (who used the teachings of Christ)! These leaders mobilized the masses, challenged the norm, and fought for the rights of the broken, underserved and downtrodden! Above all these leaders gave a vision to the generation, inspired a message of hope, and gave them a true purpose through the gospel of Christ! They gave them new rules to live by! In a day where immorality is so pervasive in our culture it has become moral behavior! No disrespect to anybody with tattoes but many people I believe did not think about getting a tattoo before they saw others getting inked up! I dont judge because it says it in the word, but we have reached an era of copycatism! The majority of people follow what others around them say and do without questioning the act or giving it critical thought! Friends with the negative influences are generally more popular than the ones with the positive influences! The children of this generation are lost and are looking for a cause to live. What does this indicate about the society: a lack of GOD!

The enemy has taken over our children's minds, schools, gangs, patience and sanity! Kids in urban neighorhoods are throwing their lives away for the sake of PRIDE. A typical snenario is in where guy-1 and guy-2 get into an altercation which escalates into a fist fight! Guy 1 ends up beating up Guy 2! Guy 2 then goes home to get a gun and kills guy 1! The action was carried out to show that he is not to be messed with and that was it! This happens at least multiple times in the summer in Harlem and the Bronx (two of the poorest areas in New York City)! Most youth who have no direction, will end up in jail, murdered or a murderer, hurting someone or badly being hurt! Many of these youngsters would disagree! When you have no idea that you were created for a purpose and you live like its your last day (in a bad way) you will inevitably hurt (emotionally, physically, and psychologically) others around you, and possibly injure them! When a young person has Christ in their life, not only will he/she have less time to be idle but they will separate themselves from the world and serve as an example to those around them.

People desire love, affirmation, acceptance, and to be cared for: it is what most people long for! Our current teenagers have very few positive role models, and are trying to find out what their purpose is in life! Therefore since they lack direct guidance and do not have somebody to lead they will follow anything. Everybody is searching for a purpose and the truth. They need Christ to transform them and purify them of all unrighteousness! The many stabbings, shootings, molestations and kidnapping of the youth is much more a spiritual emptiness rather than a societal ill! The youth and adolescents need something to believe in! In addition some of them lack fathers so God can be there heavenly Dad! If more youth get saved (give their lives to Christ) then their peers too will give their hearts to Christ! The ones who are saved will lead their friends to Christ! Trusting confiding, and hoping for something that promises eternal life is awesome! Young people who are followers of Christ Jesus now have God in their lives and know God has a purpose for there life, and an eternal peace! A teenager who lacks direction is easily subject to any demonic spirits (depression, lust, anger) and falls prey to false ideologies and teachings! In addition anybody who does not believe that God has a plan for their life will probably view themselves as insignificant which will lead them not value their lives and culminates in driving them to commit many risky acts such as shooting stabbing, or fighting!

Lord I pray that the young people who are saved and will be saved are covered by your blood, protected and kept in the name of Jesus. Lord, Prosper them, keep their paths straight, and build fellowship as well as praying, fasting and reading the bible! In Jesus name we pray AMEN! I hope that this generation is the answer to grandma's prayers [SEEK GOD FIRST! ABOVE ALL ELSE]!

Matthew 7:13 "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

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