Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I would have never thought it would come a day where I would speak about this word. From a masculine perspective you are defying a societal norm when you speak openly and affectionately about that four letter word. By now all of you folks out there must know that I am speaking

Love is so powerful it can easily transform lives and turn a killer's stone cold heart into play dough while molding it into an instrument of love! LOVE is so strong that it can drive two inseparable individuals to the point of pure insanity. It can cause two people who are madly in love with each other to have animosity towards each other. It can also cause an odious person to dismantle their sinister walls.

For me though love has been elusive. Excluding my relatives and really close friends I cannot say that I have experienced this feeling. The feeling that bonds a boy friend and a girl friend or a happily married couple. The way it is described I imagine it to be a euphoric feeling of compassion that is hard to come by and even harder to dismiss. While I have had relationships with the opposite sex in which my feelings for them were strong, I don’t think it was love. Love for me has been elusive because I have yet to captivate what it is supposed to feel like. I guess it wouldn't be feasible to capture the emotion if I do not know what it is like. Or maybe I have loved somebody who I have had a casual relationship with but wasn't in love with them.

Although I haven't been in love I think I have been in extreme like with another person for lack of a better term. But at which point does like turn into love, is there a magical turning point where "like" instantaneously becomes love or is it a more gradual and steady process. Help me out people!!!??!?!?!? I do have one firm conviction about love and it is that the romanticized idea of love at first sight is a fallacy. I feel like you have to develop these feelings and they don’t just occur overnight.

When I was younger I never really thought about love or was never really in pursuit of it for that matter! I guess it was because I had limited interaction with females. But as I grew up and emerged as an adolescent and I began engaging females more often I started to develop feelings and some of these feelings were hard to describe. As I got older I became more interested in love because some of my peers at school and my loved ones would express their feelings for their significant others through what they called love. They would describe it with great fervor and speak of it so passionately which caused me to become curious. So I have been on a search ever since.

So love, love, love will I ever be able to attain it or experience this wondrous emotion? I sure hope that I will meet you in the future. Nothing is guaranteed though.. I guess if you search for something too hard it is at these times that it will most easily escape us! Maybe it will come in disguise or maybe it will be straightforward and plain. Maybe it will come expected or maybe unexpected. In whatever form it arrives and whenever it arrives I will be waiting for it.

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  1. Interesting thoughts. I use to feel as though love at first sight was more along the lines of lust until I experienced it! The way I explain it now is love at 1st sight is like a river but love over time is like a sea! Both correlate with one another but they are separate! Good luck on your search. May the Lord grant you the desires of your heart!!
    ps. don't look too hard!!!