Thursday, September 22, 2011

Impacting lives

As a human one of the greatest questions in life is how can I leave my mark on this earth, how can I contribute to the improvement of humanity? How can I change the world?

As a Christian my answer would be simple: affecting change in society through Christ! Our society is full of quick fixes and self-helps techniques that fall short because we all have weaknesses that only the Lord can fix! If anybody reading this is perfect please stop now, this does not apply to you! If you admit you are not perfect and have flaws continue reading! There are so many people who need the love of Christ! Most people just want to know that they are accepted and that somebody out there cares for them! Once we show them that we do when everybody else is self absorbed they will listen closely to what we have to say even if they don't agree with everything we say! Christ has the supernatural ability to change lives! That means he will take somebody who views themselves as worthless or insignificant and give them value, significance, love, peace, power, a new heart and spirit, and a new life all at once! Its amazing, He also has the ability to heal both emotionally (some people have some deep wounds, scars, and stains on their hearts) and physically (disease) amongst other capabilities!

Prayer alone can transform lives and I have seen it 1st hand! Because when I pray for people the Lord usually answers! An orphan who was abandoned, abused, and told they shouldn't have been born whether in Dominican Republic or Africa can be given a newfound meaning and HOPE in LIFE! That to me is amazing! This is because of the transformative ability of the love of Christ and his ability to provide a new life!

Through Christ I have had the privilege of touching college students' lives as they have touched mine! When you have Christ you can effectively minister to somebody whos hurting and give them a true and permanent solution to their problems! I love to see how Christ is working at College campuses because this is where people wrestle with the grand questions and struggles in life! It is where people do the majority of their soul searching and are looking for something to follow whether its a philosophy or a religion! Whatever they're looking for they want to make sure its REAL, STABLE, AND THAT IT IT WONT LET THEM DOWN! Christ fulfills all these requirements and even more!

Whatever people look for in relationships Christ can offer: love, acceptance, kindness, joy, caring etc. Humanity is hurting and they are searching for something in their soul that will forever fill the void in their heart! Only GOD can do that, anything else is a quick fix, temporary solution, and cheap imitation! I enjoy speaking to people about Christ because it reveals things they may be struggling with, makes people vulnerable so they can be helped, and causes people to recognize they are in bondage and that they can be liberated through Christ! They don't have to live like this and bondage is not part of "LIFE"! In the natural we have a limit to what we can do but through God there is no limit. Anything is possible with GOD! Through The Lord the impossible becomes possible!

Miracles happen through Christ! This is the coolest thing because they literally change lives whether somebody gets cured of cancer or an abandoned child is reunited with their parents or homeless people become renowned speakers!

I enjoy working with High School and College kids and just loving them the way they are, showing that I care, and that I am here for them whenever they need me! This encouragement and support is what broken souls need and that only Christ can provide! He is the solution to abuse, addiction, depression, anxiety,envy, jealousy, bitterness, poverty and many other problems! The students who live a life that glorifies GOD are rare but are an inspiration to their peers because they are unlike any of them and are TRUE leaders! These individuals are the ones that people confide in when they have burdens! These faithful servants of Christ allow the power of the Holy Spirit to change a generation and make a difference in this world!

I currently mentor or guide a few people and they trust in me which I consider an honor! They share their deepest struggles, pain, and worst thoughts with me! If I didn't have Christ I would not be able to make a profound and lasting impact like the one I am making now! Only Christ has given me the faith, hope, love, strength, peace, understanding, and knowledge to connect with people and touch their lives! Making this profound impact is what I long to do! I also have to make sure I pray consistently and read my Bible so that when somebody comes to me with a serious life/death issue I will be ready to minister and let Christ's power flow through me! The visions I may have or the words I may speak are not mine they are God's! The feeling you get when you know you have made a lasting difference in somebody's life is invaluable!

The responsibility of making an impact on people's lives through Christ and preaching the gospel is very serious and is not to be taken lightly! People's lives and souls are at stake! I am becoming more aware of that as I grow in Christ! What I say can either save a soul or LOSE one for eternity!

Lord I ask that you continue to reveal my strengths and weaknesses and what areas of growth I should focus so that I will be better equipped to preach to the Lost and serve the breathren! Teach me how to love people even when it may be difficult and care for people when it hurts! Give me a vision, strength, wisdom, hope, and faith to serve the world and impact change forever! Thank You Jesus, in your precious mighty name we pray AMEN!

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