Monday, September 19, 2011

Trust in Him II

I was a bit confused and a bit mad at God for leading me on, but by the end of the week I figured it was all part of God's bigger plan and that it wasn't my time for medical school; I wasnt mad at GOD anymore! After that day I was just readjusting to life in the US and realized how spoiled people are and how ungrateful most people are in the US. After the readjustment I continued to go to Times Square Church and meet with people who needed guidance! Ever since the Mission trip and even before I have served as a counselor/mentor for many people in the faith who know and love God or others who are honestly seeking him! I have been told various times that I should be a pastor and although I have denied those claims or possible promises from God but the Lord hasn't spoken to me directly about that! Albeit, I know I can be a pastor and still practice medicine! I have a strong desire to grow his kingdom and a devotion to Jesus Christ! I just don't know what the Lord wants to do with them as of yet, but I'm still confused!

Whatever it is though, Im ready, we have many disparities in our urban communities and I want to intervene as far as college placement and mentoring is concerned! I'm ready to be a vessel for the Lord! I do know this: whether I will be a youth Pastor, an evangelist, or doctor, I will pour out my all at the foot of the Cross! I know Jesus will change the people I interact with forever. I want to dive into the WORD like never before and learn more about the LORD and receive the blessings that the Lord has in store for me! I am building my faith so when the trials come in ministry I will stay standing and that my foundation is rock solid which will prevent me from being deceived!

God has ruled sovereign and will continue to do so! I am looking to establish a Bible study in my house to fulfill the need for some of my friends and new converts or people that are looking to grow in Christ and need a word of encouragement! I must seek deep intimacy with Him and my desires need to be aligned with His desires in order to discover my destiny in His eyes! IN this journey staying the course is tough and time after time I have encountered perilous waters but the Lord calms those waters and manages to get me through the storm! I would love to fix my eyes on HIM and to love everybody regardless if they get along with me or not! I will continue to seek Him and to trust that HE will make a way or direct my paths!

Prayer: Lord we thank you and bless your name for everything you are! You have come as a man to become our sin on the cross. You are strong and mighty, LORD! Father please give us the patience and steadfastness, faith, hope, and direction! I know You have a calling on my life I just don't know what it is yet! We worship you for who YOU are and are amazed and your wonders and glory! Help us to grow closer to you so that we can lean your will for our life! Give me a passion for your people and a fervent desire to grow in your WORD! I love you LORD! You said you will never leave me nor forsake me, I trust that WORD! reveal yourself to me again and also to my loved ones! IN the mighty, precious, beautiful, name of Jesus, IN Jesus Name we Pray AMEN!

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