Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Life 1

Life is fascinating, the more you I live the more I figure out that everybody has a story to tell. They are the way they are for a reason. Whether everybody's talents, mannerisms, and idiosyncrasies are acquired through genetic circumstances or learned from the environment. Every single person has a life with a wealth of experience that makes them who they are. Some people may not know they do the things they do or why they are a certain way but it requires a certain amount of insight in order to figure that out!

The more introspect you develop as years pass by the more you will get to know who you are. At times other people know us better than ourselves. That to me is mind boggling, that an external source can have a more accurate assessment of our traits and personal psychology. I am going to use me as an example. I say or do certain things because it lies in my subconscious while on the other hand my friend or sister may be able to pinpoint every time I mention something that has a deeper psychological meaning or every time I express a certain emotion that I am not cognizant of.

It is also powerful to meet somebody who shares a lot of our personal story. You may have just met the person and you might feel more of a connection with that person you just met than with somebody you have known for years. Like many things in life it doesn't make much sense but it works out for the better. Sometimes it doesn't even have to be anybody who you met physically. For example you could have seen somebody on a talk show who you felt an intimate connection with. Or it could have been a pen pal that you had. Outside of the real world I have made connections through the work of music artists I listen to. The artists I follow have no veil of privacy in their life they make it an open book, you get to know the artist and become familiarized with their strengths flaws, character, upbringing, and their trials and tribulations. Then you start to have things in common and become even closer to them. Not to say that you can't develop a relationship with some body different but having things in common closes the gap unfamiliarity.

My other question is how people get to be the way they are. This is where the psychological argument of nurture vs nature comes into play. Are people born with certain qualities and gifts or did their environment and personal experiences shape them as a person?

Of course there is no straightforward answer to this. Other things like manners and social interactions are absorbed from social environments (especially at the home) and then they are internalized. For example I am a thinker and I honestly believe that I was born with that gift. But to be honest maybe my environment gave me space to think. In addition my upbringing would have played a pivotal role as well. Although my upbringing could have fostered this attribute, my ambitions and desire to search for knowledge and new pieces of information has guided me to this path of self enlightenment. Several factors played a role in the harnessing of my talent.

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