Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Money: a vice and virtue Part 2

As I progressively thought about money I began to think about all the things that I could purchase with money. I bought several possessions! Money consumed my every thought. Materialism is a strong force and it can propagate the domination of your thoughts by money. Once I purchased my first item I purchased another one and another one. I asked my self, why are you buying all these material possessions as if they are ameliorating your well being or making you a better person. Am I buying these things because I want to look good or because I think my possessions will make me feel better about myself? I have succumbed to the hypnosis of money but every time I walk around wearing a new item the euphoric feeling fades away. I went to bars and clubs on weekends with an heir of arrogance as if I was better than everybody because I had money. A couple of weeks later I was able to suppress these feelings. They are still there but they are minimized.

Essentially money for me and a lot of other people is a way of survival. For others it provides a certain level of comfort that allows them to do whatever it is they enjoy doing (ie traveling skiing) or buy whatever it is they desire ( a yacht or a pair of sneakers). For others it gives them a reason to glamorize their lifestyle and live ostentatiously while proving to the world that they are not only worth their money but superior because of it. Materialism at its best is used to fill a personal void!

From my standpoint every item you purchase is accumulating baggage that begins to deteriorate your inner well being. Society has conditioned us to think that money can be used to equate our self worth or to provide us with a sense of pride and elitism in connection to our possessions.
Money is a vice and a virtue. Hopefully the virtue outweighs the vice!

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